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The Role of Native Advertising in Affiliate Marketing

Do you know that you can make more money simply by leveraging native advertising for affiliate marketing as a business? This is one form of advertising that can effectively be used for complementing varied marketing procedures and techniques.

Of course, there is no business like affiliate marketing. The use of an affiliate tracking software like Voluum by many individuals and businesses stands true to this fact. It’s all about building your brand and making money out of it.

Those who use affiliate tracking tools to test their affiliate marketing results might make a fortune without doing anything. These are generally the successful affiliate marketers who enjoy their influence.

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The affiliates in the market will know that this form of marketing is in no way easy. And without putting in the best efforts, it might be impossible for the affiliates to make money. The very first thing to take note of here has a loyal audience.

This is a real challenge because it’s difficult to find these people. As an affiliate marketer, you will always have to look for different ways to help you reach more and more users. Not only this, but you must also work on ways of getting the users to return to you over and over again.

The process of putting in hard work does not end here. You will have to ensure your followers do not leave you after being included in your list. Refrain from using follow-up emails and pop-ups to an extent where they become never-ending.

They will do nothing but scare off audiences and hurt your reputation. In other words, they will be completely ineffective.

This is the juncture where native advertising can come to your rescue. With the best native advertisements, you will be able to enhance your efforts in affiliate marketing and get good results.

What’s native advertising in the first place?

The Basics of Native Advertising and Its Relation with Affiliate Marketing

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Native advertising entails the use of paid advertisements that are the same in feel and look like the editorial content of the sites where they are displayed. The LinkedIn and Facebook ads perfectly fit this description.

Social advertisements promote listings, and search ads are the most common forms of native advertisements. The content suggestions on blogs and news websites are also native ads.

Those who do not know about content recommendations are dominant native ad varieties that can be grouped with the other paid promotions in the widgets positioned just next to or below the website content.

The recommendations can even be combined with in-feed content showcasing one specific feature: the label of sponsored content. The content suggestion widgets are generally found on the websites of premium publishers like The Guardian, CNN, Daily Telegraph, MBC News, and HuffPost.

Native advertisements are in no way similar to traditional ads. They are displayed within editorial content suggestions on sites, and thus they are non-intrusive. They also do not disturb the experience of the users on a site.

Native advertisements offer interesting and useful content and have higher chances of attracting the attention of the audience. It is also worth noting that they do not hurt the experience of the user in any way.

The Whole Procedure of Native Advertising and the Way It Works

So, if you are looking to distribute content in the right way, you will have to choose the right native advertising platform or content distribution sources like Voluum DSP. The entire procedure is the same as working with the other advertising platforms.

The ones with existing campaign content will not have to spend a huge amount of time in the setup. It will take just a few minutes.

Gone are the days of practicing native advertising when you had to build relations with the publishers and even negotiate ad placements. In the present times, you have the option of going for programmatic advertising.

A performance marketing platform like NewProgrammatic that trades advertisements programmatically offers advertisers easy access to many advanced attributes. It allows them to take up and run highly scalable campaigns while taking care of their performance.

The users get to make their choice from a huge selection of audience tracking and campaign performance tracking options. This way, they can reach the perfect individuals at the perfect time.

Content Promotion with Proper Affiliate Links

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As has already been said, affiliates use different Facebook advertisements for content promotion directly on the landing pages or affiliate links. This is a highly effective technique used by the majority of marketers.

Native advertising helps users in reaching the same results but without spending a huge amount of money. The process involves adding top-quality affiliate links to blog posts, product lists, and product comparisons.

This is one of the best ways of promoting different varieties of products. The content thus created can be distributed with the native advertisements only to remain right in front of relevant audiences. This helps businesses in gaining better profits.


Traditional advertising and native advertising are poles apart. Native ads help advertisers reach their objectives by providing relevant content and without hurting the users’ experience.

Since affiliate marketing works only when the users can communicate the value of their products to the target audiences, native ads make the perfect way of boosting profits.

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