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How to Improve Your Travel Blog in 10 Simple Steps

Even if your travel blog has already taken off there are still many ways to ensure that it’s improved over time. Travel blogging is a great way to document your life, have an income to support your travel, and, of course, see the world. Eventually, you are going to have to try new methods to keep the masses from unfollowing you, so here’s how to improve your travel blog in 10 simple steps.

Offer Beneficial Resources

Travel Blogging Tips

Is there a secret travel method in a certain country that has saved you a number of times? This information is extremely important for those looking to you for answers when traveling. Offering your knowledge of how to get around and what you can do if you find yourself in a jam are just a couple of important beneficial resources that you should be offering your followers.

Offer Travel and Booking Information

5 Apps You Need While Traveling

You should also have information on where to go for visas, travel information, flight booking, and where to find the cheapest hotels and hostels. This drives traffic like you wouldn’t believe and helps your followers in making travel plans of their own.

Become an Affiliate


Listing some important products for travel, especially the ones that you use, is a great way to add some extra income and show your followers what they need for their travels.

Amazon, for example, offers an affiliate program that pays you a portion of each sale made. Once someone clicks the link from your travel blog and makes a purchase using your link you’ll get some commission off of the sale!

So, not only are you reporting on your favorite products, but you’re sharing a new side of you with the masses and giving them the option to invest in the product themselves. It’s a win-win situation for the both of you.

Take the Path Less Traveled

What’s Next? A Report on the Future of Space Travel

Travel blogs have more coverage on places that the masses tend to flock to, so going off the beaten path is one way to improve your travel blog. Your blog will become ten times more valuable by having information on usual, less traveled places.

Integrating Social Media

Social media is crucial to all blogs in today’s society, not just travel blogs. Even if you hate social media with a burning passion, you should still be having it linked and integrated with your travel blog.

This will allow your followers to share the posts and articles that you make, even your photos, so their followers, friends, family, etc. can see them. In turn, this opens up an entirely new avenue for more followers.

Instagram, for example, is great for sharing photos, which is perfect for you as a travel blogger. Facebook and Twitter are great for articles, posts, and photos, and YouTube is your best bet for any videos you take during your travels.

Blog with a Drone

Non Military Uses for Drones

Travel blogging with a drone is something that very few people have figured out, so it’s still pretty new. There are so many awesome drones that can be controlled via Android devices, and some through iOS devices, so using one for your travel blog is incredibly easy.

You’ll need one with a high-quality camera that is easy to transport around with you, such as the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter or the 3DR Solo Quadcopter. A lot of these drones have features that help you go hands-free, such as Hover and Follow Me.

Plus, the drones with high-quality cameras take some of the best pictures that are impossible for humans to do, so it’s definitely worth checking out for the survival of your travel blog.

Stand Out

Time Travel Destinations Animated Posters

Travel blogs are a dime a dozen, so you’ll need to find something that screams you and stick to it. Whether it be the fact that you’re an animal enthusiast, a traveling vegan, or looking for your next big adrenaline rush, find a “theme” and stick with it.

Keep Away From Clichés

So You Want to Be a Blogger? 4 Things You Need to Consider Before Diving In

It’s easy to fall into the habit of having clichés on your blog, but you should be doing everything to ensure that you don’t. Have a voice that is only your own and don’t fall into the “sandy, white beach with crystal clear water” tone.

Even if the description of a place is accurate, turn it around and make it your own by adding your own sense of style and vocabulary. Your followers will no doubt thank you!

Add a Quote

Vintage Postcard Travel Designs

Adding a quote in your travel articles can bring a feeling of texture and depth. If you know a section of your blog is going to be a little boring, this is the definite way to bring the entire thing back to life.

Always Check Your Facts

The Daily Mail Snopes Story And Fact Checking The Fact Checkers

Your writing style and experience aside, checking your facts isn’t something that should be done later rather than sooner. If you have, for example, the annual tourist number or a fun fact you got from a local, make sure that you check it out before posting your blog to ensure that it’s factual.

The last thing your travel blog needs is to have a negative review, or more than one, that state your blog throws facts and realities out of the window. Check your facts multiple times, and even in multiple ways, before you post anything live to your blog.

A lot of travel writers make the mistake of not checking their facts, which definitely burns their credibility and their number of followers and loyal readers down the line.

Improving Your Travel Blog

Seventeen Ways To Improve Your Blog – Case Study

Your travel blog is probably a big one at this point, but remember that there are small yet very significant ways to improve it and grow your loyalty following over time.

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