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Which Messaging Service Fits Your Bill?

With so many processes available for us to stay in touch, it can be hard to truly know the benefits to each one unless you’re fully immersed. Knowing which app is the right one for you is a matter of trial and error, but it’s best to get a good head start before investing the time.

Web Browsers

Use your browser for cross-platform instant messaging

There are a lot of apps which have taken their encryption services online. Chat providers such as Whatsapp are under scrutiny for not allowing their messages to be accessed by anyone, not even the government – good for those who are wanting to keep business secrets to themselves. You can now also access Kik Messenger online, which works along the same guidelines. Being able to access somebody via their phone from your computer is still quite novel to a lot of us; unless they’re sitting at the other end of a computer, we just assume that it won’t happen.

Social Media

The Top Social Networking Sites People Are Using

There are social media services which are offering real-time chat for those who have subscribed. Facebook Chat is growing ever popular as you are able to get in touch with literally anybody who has it. The chances of them seeing a message if you’re not already connected via the site are slimmer, and they have the option of ignoring you or getting back in touch with you – but it’s still a better chance than not having their number to get in touch initially. In terms of privacy, Facebook messages aren’t encrypted, and so can be read by those who have the power to do so. They can be passed over to authorities and even broken into by those who have access to your account.


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The great thing about iMessage is that it goes off your data to be able to send texts to those in your phone book. The bad thing about iMessage is that it goes off your data to be able to send texts to those in your phone book. If you have the data available, then great – if not, then you’re pretty much contactless unless the other person has disabled their iMessage too. There was a time where people were more concerned with how many texts they got in the bundle that came with their phone, but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The majority of the world are iPhone users, and if that message isn’t going blue then there’s a little flutter of panic that echoes across their faces. It means that they’re digging into precious texting territory, or having to pay an extra charge on top. Most people have moved over to Kik, Whatsapp and other messaging applications in order to see if somebody is online, when they were last seen and whether their message has been read or not. This is something that iMessage doesn’t provide – only read receipts by those who have, in the majority of cases, forgotten to turn them off. If you want to get with the times, avoid it and go for another messaging app.

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