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The Importance of Having Friends at Work

Being professional doesn’t have to mean being impersonal. In fact, developing friendships with your coworkers can improve your mood, benefit your company’s overall culture, and even lead to future work opportunities. Let’s dive into some benefits that highlight the importance of having friends at work.

Improved Mood

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Friends make us feel good at and outside of work. Befriending your coworkers can make you more excited to come to work since you know you’ll get to see people you enjoy spending time with. On difficult days, your friends can offer advice or support to help you get through the day. Even when clients or customers become difficult, your coworkers can help you feel positive about your day at work.

Contribute to Company Culture

Many job seekers look for jobs with a positive company culture. However, every employee can help develop company culture by having friends at work. The friendships you develop will create a sense of belonging and support. Just as you can count on your coworkers, they will know they can rely on you when they need extra help on a project.

Build a Network

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As you make friends, you will also increase the number of people in your industry who will likely reach out to you with future opportunities. While you may not be thinking of leaving your job anytime soon, it’s never a bad idea to build a network to find new opportunities. In a few years, a coworker could be the person who helps you earn a promotion, move to a new job you love, or speak at a conference in your industry. While you shouldn’t view your friendships with your coworkers as transactional, building a network and growing in your career can be a benefit of workplace friendships.

Now that you know the importance of having friends at work, get out there and form bonds with your colleagues. Consider eating lunch with a coworker, attending a team-building session at work, or talking to your cubicle neighbor each morning to start forming friendships. Just as your friendships outside of work bring fulfillment to your life, your workplace friendships will improve your life between the hours of nine and five. 

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