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The Secrets of a Successful Number of Shares on Facebook

Facebook for a long time has remained the most used social media platform mainly because of its accommodation for a diverse audience in terms of demographics, as well as improvements to accelerate the performance of brands and businesses.

A high number of shares on Facebook can make a post go viral, which is exciting to any content creator because that could be the long-awaited moment of breakthrough and increased visibility on social media. Unfortunately, this may only be a one-time thing or simply take quite some time before happening again.

However, you can always improve your chances of getting a higher number of shares on Facebook by understanding why people share content, as well as sharing sharable content. The following are the top 5 secrets of highly shareable content for reaching a successful number of shares on Facebook:

Interesting content

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The number one reason why most people share anything is that they can relate to it, even though in contradiction. If the number of shares for your Facebook posts should pick up, you need to create interesting content that is human-related so much that the audience is lured to share.

Consider sharing content to a target audience because this is how you pass your message to the specific group of people that would generally be intrigued by your type of content. Share content related to trending topics in your industry for the fact that they can spark a conversation and hence attract a higher Facebook share.


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People are generally highly responsive to a reward mechanism. This literally means that people are more likely to share your content when there is an incentive at stake. For incentives, they could include recognition for the top sharer, discounts or access to exclusive content, shout-outs, or simply giveaways.


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The common thing evident in highly shared content is their visualization nature. People want to actually see to believe, which is why aesthetics remains an important factor, even as pertains content.

Typically, images, videos, info-graphs, GIFs, and photographs are among the types of content that reinforce visualization and can do magic in the number of Facebook shares.

Consider also, using subheadings and bullets within text-based content, a font that makes the text easy to read, as well as small blocked paragraphs to encourage readers to keep on.

Practical value

Everyone wants to relate to that which is valuable to them. People will often share information they think was valuable to them so that they can share the value with other people. Posts that have new information or newly researched findings on popular topic areas will often attract a high number of share on Facebook.



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Entertainment alone is an industry that has attracted massive popularity because it boosts people’s emotions positively. The secret to attracting a large number of shares on Facebook is to provide entertainment value in your content, in form of humor, music, relevant examples, even fear sadness and anger, to elicited high-arousal emotions.

If your target audience is amused, their next potential move is sharing!


A lot of the shares on Facebook are in place to foster social validation, which is why most people are active to search for memes, images, and pictures that will make them more acceptable and popular of social media platforms. At the least of things, for you to achieve a booming number of shares on Facebook, ensure you provide enough value to your audience by ensuring your content informs, advises, warns, amuses and inspires.

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