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How to Get Friends or Family Excited for A Trip to Las Vegas

According to many travel enthusiasts, the best part of your trip happens before you touch down at your destination of choice. It’s our anticipation of what’s to come that can dampen our excitement as the countdown to the trip draws nearer. It makes sense, as when we think about an upcoming holiday, we fantasise about the adventures we’re going to have, the itinerary we’ve planned and the relaxation we’ll experience.  

So, by the time our departure date rolls around, we feel like we’ve already experienced it all. However, with a trip planned to a once-in-a-lifetime destination such as Las Vegas, our excitement mustn’t run its course before we’ve even had a chance to taste what the City of Sin has to offer. From exploring popular tourist traps to high rolling at one of the many casinos, Vegas has a lot to be excited about, which is why it’s a popular travel destination.  

So whether you’re going on a Vegas break with friends or family, we’ve created this article outlining how to get you and your travelling companions excited for your trip to Las Vegas so that you can increase the excitement during your pre-trip period.  

Research The Area You Intend To Travel To  

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Las Vegas is one of those holiday destinations that prospective holidayers feel they don’t need to research before their arrival. However, you cannot count all the infamous films starring Vegas as research no matter how much you’d like to, as the reality is much different from the one Hollywood presents.  

Before your departure date grows near, ensure to thoroughly research the area of Vegas you intend to stay in. Look at your hotel and ensure that it’s in a prime location for everything you want to do and see – or at least check that appropriate travel links are available — also, factor in the distance from the airport and other amenities.  

Researching the dialect, customs, common phrases, popular activities, and what kind of cuisine you can expect to be served will help make you a more conscious traveller and help get you and your travelling companies excited for the trip. You could do this by speaking to family and friends that have visited Vegas before, purchasing travel guides, watching documentaries and many more.  

Plan An Itinerary  

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Granted, Vegas is known for its exhilarating nightlife and high rolling lifestyle, but it’s also known for so much more than what is captured in films. So whether you’re travelling with a loved one or a family troupe – you can expect to find something in The Entertainment Capital of the World fit for just about everyone.  

Ranging from day experiences with fast, luxurious cars or helicopter rides over the Strip, there are hundreds of activities and experiences that could be added to your holiday itinerary. Most travel enthusiasts that have visited Vegas before proclaim that no trip to Vegas is complete without seeing one of their famous shows. In contrast, others argue that you cannot go to Vegas without experiencing the nightlife and many casinos.  

Whether you’re a gambling fan or not, you cannot argue that casinos and Vegas go together and that its iconic nightlife is a massive reason for its number of visitors. If you’re planning to gamble, ensure that you sign-up for players’ cards at your resort. Some offer rewards after a certain amount of play or discounts off restaurants and shopping experiences. You could also consider gaining a little experience if you’re not already a keen gambler by using play live sites to give you an idea of what to expect from the casinos in Vegas. Visit sites such as PlayLive.co.za for more insight into the gambling world, find guides, helpful resources and play live casino games in preparation for your upcoming Vegas trip.  

Decide How You Want To Document Your Trip 

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One of the best parts about going on holiday with friends and family is the memories you make and reminiscing through any videos or photos taken. Solely relying on posting updates to your retrospective social media accounts is a sound way of documenting your trip. Still, there are other, more attractive methods of recording your adventures that planning can help make your pre-trip period more excitable. 

Fortunately, there are many ways that holidayers can capture the bright light of Las Vegas without solely relying on social media. Depending on whether you’d like to take a more creative approach to document your Las Vegas adventures or a more traditional route, there are many options available to you from travel books, holiday diaries, photo albums, creating a blog and many more.  

Ensure that you ask your travel companions which medium they’d prefer and be open to any suggestions that they might have. If people opt to document the holiday differently, you may also want to consider how copies could be made so that each participant gets a copy of the memories you made. Or, you might opt to upload everything onto a cloud server programme like Dropbox so people can access it as they please.

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