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4 Gadgets to Reduce Anxiety and Help You Sleep

Life is challenging enough. Trying to get through the day without enough sleep makes it that much harder. These days, so many people are sleep deprived due to being overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed.

But while sleep anxiety is very real and potentially very serious, you don’t have to let your short night of rest get the best of you. A few simple life hacks may help you catch those much-needed ZZZs.

DreamPad Musical Pillow

Dreampad 26 – Music Relaxation Pillow

Nobody wants a loud house when they sleep. But absolute silence can also be a problem for anxious, wandering minds that simply won’t let you drift off in peace. Some light music or background white noise can make all the difference.

Rather than relying on a radio across the room, let your pillow be your orchestra. The DreamPad Pillow System promises light vibrations that it calls “sounds you can feel.” The technique, which sends music through calming vibrations, has medical science on its side. So load up its player with your favorite tunes and sail away to dreamland on a tranquil ship steered by the musician of your choice.

Lorex Security System

Lorex LH04045GC4W 500GB DVR 4

Do you frequently find yourself questioning whether that sound you just heard was an intruder, a ghost sent to haunt you or just a breeze in the night? Don’t let the worst-case scenarios get your heart rate going, and instead invest in a home security system.

You cannot put a price on peace of mind — or a restful night — and many high-quality systems are surprisingly affordable. Lorex Technology offers many options complete with cameras that will prove, once and for all, that you don’t have to fear for poltergeists lurking outside your door.

Lark Alarm Bracelet


Forget the annoying alarm clock. Try an alarm bracelet. This product by Lark runs through an app on your smartphone and sends small vibrations to a wristband on your arm when it’s time to get up in the morning.

The signals are light enough that they will cause to wake gradually and peacefully as opposed to awakening to a blaring tone or loud morning radio DJ. And just knowing you will rise without that initial, jarring sound to start your day will make every hour and minute of sleep all the more restful. The app also includes features that will help you optimize your schedule with sleep goals and advice about your optimal times to go to bed and get up.

BedJet Climate Dual Control


This innovation is so potentially life altering that it may be your literal dream come true. BedJet was featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and has the unique ability to regulate your bed’s temperature to the degree. Never be too hot or too cold again, and set the thermostat for whatever number best suits your journey into Never Never Land. It will put your nerves, mind and body at ease.

The way it works is by sending hot or cool air from a machine stored beneath your boxspring into your bedding. It claims to change room temperature down to icebox levels or up to sauna conditions in just three minutes. With one-touch controls adjustable via an app on your phone, this is one gadget that could make any bed suitable for even the most finicky, Goldilocks sleeper.

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