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Unveiling the New ASUS X550JK: A Boom for Gamers

When the Nvidia Shield Tablet was released towards the end of last year, the technology world raved about the first game dedicated gaming device of its type. This innovation emerged as a result of technological advancement and social evolution, as the mobile gaming industry exploded amid soaring demand and constantly evolving user demographics.

NVIDIA Shield Tablet

Gamers can now look forward to the world’s first dedicated gaming notebook, which has been designed by ASUS. The X550JK will create a purposeful gaming platform for fans of desktop computing, while it has added significance in an age where cross-platform gaming experiences are becoming the norm.


Even more recently at GDC 2015 we saw a first look at the Nvidia Shield Console! A GAMING CONSOLE! This bad boy delivers us 4k video through an Android TV interface which will be great at $200 – competing with the consoles and the living room assault that Valve and other companies are launching to grab the home entertainment market share.

The New ASUS X550JK: A Review

Powered by a fourth generation Intel Core i7 processor and the Nvidia 850 Series graphics card, the ASUS X550JK combines power and visual quality to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. It has also been created with a unique and sophisticated spun circle design, which creates an intense and immersive atmosphere when enjoying less frenetic gaming experiences. This design is integral to the overall appeal, although it is far from the laptop’s only stellar feature.

To begin with, the device is also loaded with USB 3.0 for ten-times faster data transfer rates. This makes it relatively easy to download and transfer larger games and experiences, while also ensuring that these titles can be played regularly without interruption. On this subject, the device is also equipped with SUS’ trademark Super Hybrid Engine II technology, which delivers an almost instant resume feature and even saves files automatically once the battery life drains to less than 5%. These features all add to the overall experience and in a more subtle and yet equally important manner, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable period of usage.

The Last Word

In many ways, ASUS’ latest notebook supersedes the prototypes of almost every gaming device, as it boasts an elegant matte cover that prevents finger smudges and delivers a spin-line finish. Despite this, it is ground-breaking in terms of its design and specification, while it is also 5% thinner than standard laptops and offers enhanced visual and audio performance.

Above all else, however, it is important to remember that this is a laptop device dedicated solely for gaming purposes boasting the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M graphics card. It therefore joins the ranks of the Nvidia Shield tablet as a great multipurpose device that has been designed specifically for budget gaming, and offers an opportunity for similar designers to follow suit in the months’ ahead. If you are on a budget and need a great laptop that can handle school, work AND gaming, AND won’t break the bank, at $879 USD this baby is a steal so pick one up if you don’t mind it not having an SSD, that is the ONLY thing missing from an otherwise perfect package (but you can always add one yourself later, dat DIY tip).

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