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How to Run Successful Business Profile on Instagram

If you are a business owner, chances are you want to boost your Instagram game. 

In recent years, Instagram has become a marketing playground for all kinds of businesses, opening a completely new source of revenue and consumers.

But simply having an Instagram account is not enough. You have to get to know the platform you want to bloom on, along with all of its tools and features.

Here, we’ll talk about a couple of marketing ideas and tricks to further elevate your brand and push your product or service to the best-suited clientele.

Let’s begin!

Channel Your Character Through a Branded Feed

How to strengthen your Instagram branding

Every brand on Instagram needs a style of its own. Creative direction and a specific color palette are far more important than you might think. This is because underneath it all lays consistency and originality – which are super important to always follow through.

Try picking the following aesthetical styles ahead of time, and use them as a template for every piece of content you produce: 

  • Choose your main colors, but try not to pick more than three.
  • Editing filters are very important. Brands usually choose to present their feed through either warm-toned or cold filters.
  • Traditional style, would you like your pics to be minimalistic, modern, and sleek or would you rather go for a rich, baroque-style that’s detailed? Of course, there are more choices, these are just two examples.

After choosing the essentials, try turning that theory into practice. Additionally, look up inspiration on sites like Pinterest. It will help you figure out how to actually edit and make the photos you want to make!

Brand Your Hashtags

7 Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

We all know how important hashtags are. They are used to open up new discovery opportunities and push you content to who needs to see it.

Branded hashtags on the other hand are what your already established audience can use. They are used in Giveaways, new launches, and projects, and company-specific holidays. 

Besides, you want your audience to be fully involved and engaged in what you have planned. Branded hashtags bloom under user-generated content! That’s what you want to do essentially, through Giveaways or new launches – include your audience!

For example, creating a #MarysMondayDrawing hashtag that your followers can use to tag you when they draw something related to your brand is fantastic. This is also a great way to boost your reach, sort of like a instagram engagement guide!

Later on, you can share their work on your social media, resulting in buzz on both their page and yours! Also, add the most relevant branded hashtag of yours in your Instagram Bio. Make it very easy to spot and use. 

Influence Your Influencers 

Influencing Your Influencer: Getting Your Contract Right

Working with influencers is every business’s new norm today. Because these guys have so much say in what’s in or out in pop culture, businesses want to dip their toes into that pool, and we don’t blame them! It’s a huge market!

This generation of younger shoppers doesn’t particularly follow traditional Hollywood celebrities. They are more interested in the Jenners and Kardashians of this Instagram internet hemisphere. 

And since they are the majority of people on the internet, it’s important to listen to them. Furthermore, fit their shopper needs and must-haves! 

Sponsoring their favorite influencers who are currently under the Instagram spotlight will not only place your brand under their radar but will also open it up to newer faces and more clients!


All in all, it’s always important to display a good quality product or service equally as good on Instagram. Since this generation is all about the visuals and faces, make sure to incorporate their favorite ones into your brand!

And in the meantime, work on making scroll-stopping content they simply can’t get enough of!

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