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Best Digital Board Games Out There

Are you a big fan of board games? Do you want to access your favorite games online?

Board games have always been, and probably will be, a big part of our childhood. Those games are entertaining for various reasons – they are challenging, they require your full attention and concentration, they are fun and intriguing.

As kids, we have plenty of time to play board games without any restrictions, but what happens when we grow older? Do you get the boards out on special occasions only, or do you do your best to keep playing as much as you can?

Luckily, nowadays, some of the board games are available in a digital version you can play without being bound to a specific time or place.

Before you download the board game to your phone or computer, find out which games are worth your time and which are not!

Best Online Board Games

Most board games allow you to play in one of two settings: either you play offline, against an AI, or you go online and compete against real-life players such as yourself. Both options can provide you with a thrilling experience, but there is no doubt that online gaming is by far more enthralling.

To help you pick out the best digital board game to spend your time with, here is a list of the top 5 board games you should check out in your free time:

  1. Catan Universe

    Way back in 1995, a new board game appeared on the German market – Settlers of Catan. Within a few years, the game gained popularity around the globe and is now one of the most popular board games out there. The game is simple, yet unexpected – you compete against other players to create new settlements in strategic locations, with the goal of building as many towns and cities as you can. The online version of the game hasn’t reached its full potential just yet, but if you are addicted to this board game, the digital Catan game will help you keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay.

  2. Twilight Struggle

    This two-player game is intriguing, nerve-racking, and intense. The game allows you to represent the US or USSR in the times of the cold war, while you do your best to gain enough power so you could rule the world. This game incorporates historical events in it, which serves to make this game more realistic and fun. And on top of providing you with a thrilling experience, this game also allows you to keep the game going even if your opponent is offline, which leads to a long-lasting gaming session.

  3. Colt Express

    With a wild theme that no-one can overlook, this game caught the attention of the public when it came out in 2014. Players were excited about the 3D design of the train in the board game, which added a certain charm to the gaming experience. Although this exciting feature means a lot less in the digital version of the game, this game can still provide you with an unforgettable gaming experience as you shoot, scheme, and do your best to outsmart your opponents.

  4. Carcassonne

    This tile game is set in medieval Europe, with a vibrant atmosphere you are bound to enjoy. Your goal in the game is to place the tiles face-up and claim roads, cities, and fields to gather points. This multiplayer game is challenging and fun, and it is best suited for touch-screens.

  5. Risk: Factions

    The original strategy board game requires a lot of diplomacy on your part, as you do your best to conquer the world. There are various digital versions of the game, but Risk: Factions is the best of them all. This game has some features that you can’t find in the board game, which may bug you or entertain you to no end, depending on how you look at it.

All in All…

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Playing digital board games can be challenging and exhilarating if you pick a game you’re familiar with, a game that holds a special meaning to you. These games can be fun and unpredictable, but if you want to take things up a notch, you should try other gaming fields.

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