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The Most Famous Mobile Games

Online gaming is in full force and it shows no sign of slowing down, in fact, it will rule the coming years as technology and software designers continue to push forward the boundaries of gaming. With the user convenience and the soaring capabilities of the devices we now carry around in our pockets, it’s clear that mobile gaming is here to stay. Take a quick look at either the Google Play or Apple app store nowadays and you will find literally thousands of games available to play, from the much-loved battle royale games to RPGs to sports games and much more.

You now even have the chance to play cash money games with multiple onlines pokies real money and casino games being made available to play on your mobile devices as well. The chance to play your favourite casino games for real money is something that many of us now welcome, and this area looks set to grow as more slot, casino and poker games continue to get released. 

We’ve put together a list of the most famous mobile games to be released so far, so keep on reading and we’ll take you through the top 8 famous titles:

Top 8 Famous Mobile Games

1 – Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the true mobile game icons. Launched way back in 2009, the bird-flinging, pig-crushing game quickly became a smash hit with players all across the world. The franchise has seen multiple sequels being created with new releases being enjoyed even today, over 10 years after the very first game was introduced. It’s simple and extremely addictive, two key ingredients for any successful mobile game.

2 – Candy Crush Saga

If it’s addictive gaming that you want then you should look no further than Candy Crush Saga, a true phenomenon when it comes to mobile gaming. The game is simple but the additional fun and friendly design, the hundreds of levels and additional social aspect of Candy Crush make it an appealing choice for players of all ages. The main feature that has helped the game reach its famed status is the longevity of it, it seems that the game and levels will go on forever and that keeps players coming back for more every day.

3 – Fortnite

Fortnite has got to be the champion of recent mobile games with millions of dedicated players around the world. It’s created in the classic battle royale format and although it’s definitely not the first of its kind, the fun-filled characters and immersive building aspect of the game gives players a lot of things to think about, all while trying not to get taken down by the other 99 players in the game. The fast-paced action quickly caught the attention of young gamers and the free-to-play aspect just tops it all off as it quickly became one of the top mobile games ever created.

4 – PUBG Mobile

If you want to play the classic battle royale game then you will want to download PUBG Mobile. The true founder of the battle royale gaming format was released in 2017 and the mobile version is free to play which always makes a title more appealing to the gaming masses, especially when the console version requires a full purchase. It seems that these battle royale games can do no wrong at the moment and like with all popular games, there will always be copycat versions, but PUBG will always be regarded as the pioneer of the last-man-standing format.

5 – Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird, quite simply put, was one of the most basic yet world-conquering mobile games of all time. With basic 2D retro graphics and one-touch controls, the game quickly went viral when it was released back in 2014. However, the game didn’t last long before the developer Dong Nguyen took the game down. Whether this was down to Nintendo’s legal team or due to Nguyen’s own reasons regarding the addictiveness of the game, we’ll never know for sure. What we do know is that Flappy Bird was one of the hardest games ever and was played by millions of players during its brief but successful lifespan.

6 – Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft is a paid game but the number of hours that it will keep you occupied will certainly make it a worthwhile purchase. This construction simulator gives you endless possibilities and the sky really is the limit as you build a landscaped world around you. One of the main reasons why Minecraft has become so popular is that it’s such a creative and educational game. The interesting Survival Mode also gives the game a good twist as you defend your worlds from attacking monsters.

7 – Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go smashed into the mobile gaming world with a huge bang and quickly took over the top spot of the ‘most-played mobile game’. The augmented-reality game comes complete with all your favourite characters and the real-world aspect brought a new meaning to the mobile gaming genre. Continuous updates to the game have given die-hard fans plenty of new Pokémon to catch and even if the number of players have now died down, Pokémon Go will always be considered to be one of the most famous mobile games ever created due to its groundbreaking gameplay.

8 – Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is without a doubt one of the biggest online multiplayer mobile games out there. The freemium aspect also lends itself well to the game’s popularity with players being able to build, attack and defend their clan without having to dip into their pockets. It’s a game where you can easily jump in and out of and this explains why people have continuously played Clash of Clans for years. Being able to join communities and help other clans also brings that all-important social aspect to the game and although there are now countless MMO styled games available these days, Clash of Clans will always be regarded as one of the best.

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