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Gambling on-the-go Via Your Smartphone or Android

Mobile phones have completely changed our way of living. You only have to take a peek at the Statista website, and you’ll see the enormous growth in the use of smartphones; in fact, the predicted number of users by the year 2022 is over 53-million. Yes, they’re forecasting a figure of 53.96 million users by 2022. With a UK population of just over 66 million, this figure represents an almost staggering 82%!

Mobile Gaming Is Growing Fast With No Downturn In Sight

Gone are the days when mobiles were merely used for making phone calls on the hoof. Today, according to a report in the Express newspaper, using your mobile to make telephone calls doesn’t even figure in the top-ten uses. It came eleventh, behind such things as texting, reading and sending emails, checking Facebook and other social media websites, and of course taking photographs.

The growth of mobile gambling

Progression of Mobile Gaming

One of the biggest new trends for smartphone use here in the UK is mobile gambling. Once-upon-a-time betting had a somewhat seedy image of down-and-outs and gambling addicts furtively sneaking into betting shops on the High Street to put money on a horse race or three.

With the advent of the internet and gambling websites, everything has now changed. Gambling is a socially acceptable pastime. Furthermore, since smartphones came on the scene, mobile betting sites quickly latched onto the potential and, using the new apps that have been developed, gambling-on-the-go is becoming more and more popular.

Such is its growing popularity that many experts are of the opinion that betting via your smartphone will overtake the amount of betting done via desk and laptops.

The new trend of live sports betting

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The latest trend for those who enjoy a flutter is live sports betting. It is of course ideally suited (indeed the apps have been specially designed) to work with smartphones. The concept is simple. It allows you to place wagers once the activity (be it a horse race, a football match etc.) has begun. In other words, if someone scores a goal unexpectedly, you can change or off-set a bet accordingly.

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While the internet is popular with all ages, (many elderly people are now enjoying what the internet has to offer), and there is a steady increase in the number of so-called “sliver-surfers.” Most people tend to have mobiles or smartphones but making best use of the latest apps is still nonetheless the province of the young.

The growth of mobile gambling driven by the young

Research shows that online betting while on the move is most popular amongst young men and women aged between 18 and 24. The underlying reason is that this age group is more likely to take risks. They have less to lose and fewer responsibilities than the average middle-aged person.

Online gambling is, however, enjoyed by all age groups, but suffice it to say that its growth boom is undoubtedly being driven mostly by the young, and in all likelihood, it is not going to change anytime soon.

The importance of gambling responsibly

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Online betting, whether live sports betting or some other branch of gambling, is not a problem as long as people gamble responsibly, and this is something that most reputable gambling websites try to promote. There is no doubt that responsible online gambling can be great fun, and as long as people bet well within their means, it doesn’t do any harm.

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