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5 Weird Laser Engraving Examples that Make You Go Hmm…

Laser technology is used in a variety of contexts, and laser engraving is a large industry that’s continually growing. Every day you interact with items that have been laser marked.


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Gambling on-the-go Via Your Smartphone or Android

Mobile phones have completely changed our way of living. You only have to take a peek at the Statista website, and you’ll see the enormous growth in the use of smartphones;


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How Online Games Were Changed and Improved by New Technology

Online games take a significant place in our everyday life. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t play any games on their devices. Compared to the old video


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A World on the Move: How Tech Has Transformed Travel

People are traveling more than ever before – and technology has played a major part in this trend. It is now easier and cheaper than ever to cross borders, and


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How Tech Will Continue to Change Music in the Future

Technology has always been a huge driving force in the music industry, but never more so than in the last decade or so with the increase in digital music programs



Stop Lagging Behind the Competition Online. Read This!!!

Is your business struggling to keep up with what other companies are achieving online? These days, you need to be able to compete in the online realm. Businesses that don’t


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How Augmented Reality Apps and Car Repairs are Colliding

Car repair and augmented reality may not seem like they go together, but the technology has been making maintenance easier for years. Owning a car has always come with a


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Virtual Reality: The Future of Gaming

Virtual Reality looks set to be the next adventure for many gamers; recent commercial successes like the PS VR and mobile vr viewers have made the technology more accessible than