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5 Weird Laser Engraving Examples that Make You Go Hmm…

Laser technology is used in a variety of contexts, and laser engraving is a large industry that’s continually growing. Every day you interact with items that have been laser marked. In fact, the possibilities of laser applications are endless! In recent years, the prices of lasers have dropped significantly, which means that, at a reasonable price, you can buy a laser machine to engrave metal, jewelry, plastic, glass and other material. While laser engraving is constantly reaching new horizons and becoming more efficient, people also have some hilariously strange ways to use this technology.

The Laser Sandwich

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One of the weirdest examples of laser engraving we’ve seen is the laser sandwich. Whether you’re eating onsite, looking for a catering option, or even want a sandwich shipped, you can get your name or a personalized message “engraved” on top of the bread. Keep reading if you’re hungry for more crazy examples of laser engraving.

Laser Engraved Hot Dog

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If the laser sandwich didn’t satisfy your craving, maybe you’d prefer to have your name or a special message engraved directly onto a hot dog. Using laser engraving technology, they’ve been able to put a large amount of text onto the meat, including the phrase “Happy Independence Day from X-Laser.”

Laser Etched KFC Smartphone

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Smartphone manufacturers have been offering engraving options for a long time: you may have purchased a phone as a gift and included the recipient’s name or a special message. But that’s not the only context in which laser engraving has been used to mark up a phone.

Huawei, a Chinese technology company, released a KFC smartphone, which features Colonel Sanders himself engraved on the back of the device. Only available in China, it would probably be tough to find one of the 5,000 limited edition KFC phones, which makes them even more enticing.

Trump and Putin Tooth Engraving

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While we’ve already seen some pretty strange applications of laser engraving technology, this is the first one we’ve come across in which someone actually engraved themselves. A Russian dental patient asked for the faces of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to be engraved on his teeth.

Depending on your opinions on these controversial leaders, you may be more likely to ask for another politician’s visage to be permanently engraved in your mouth, but it’s truly remarkable that lasers can be used on such a diverse range of materials and with so much precision.

Jesus Christ Toast

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If you’re more religious than political, you may be interested in a recent laser engraver who created Jesus—yes, of Nazareth— on a piece of toast. While we don’t anticipate this replacing more traditional depictions in churches and other structures, you might enjoy adding a little spirituality to your breakfast.

Of course, most people working on laser technology are more concerned with its practical applications than with putting bizarre messages on even stranger materials. But if nothing else, these examples show how easy and accessible laser engraving technology is to the general population. As lasers begin to take on a more prominent role in everyday life, maybe everyone will be able to channel their creativity through laser technology.

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