Robot Software: The Benefits of Simulation for the End Users of Robotics

Every day the capabilities of robot simulation are becoming a major part of the integration process for robot integrators that have the technical intelligence to leverage on this type of technology. There are a plethora of benefits in using simulation robot software as compared to the traditional CAD systems, it also features more functionality.

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It can be quite cumbersome to create an accurate software simulation for an intricate system. However, there are many reasons why it should be done.  Creating simulations of robot sequences and automated equipment processes is one of the best ways to test hardware settings, check HMI configurations and validate controller programming. All this can be done without cycling the actual equipment.

For manufacturers as well as other robot users, there are many ongoing benefits that come about working with an integrator that utilizes robot simulation software. The benefits can be in terms of revenue, even the robotics have been installed and are working. However, what is this robot simulation software and what are the benefits that it offers to manufacturers and other end users of robotics?

Robot simulation software in a nutshell

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Even though software for robot simulation varies greatly in capabilities and feature sets, all of them share a few common things. Some simulation tools are built to replicate real-world robotic applications as closely as they can, take every physical and environmental factors in to account and test for all the possible variables.

Most software for robot simulation are compatible with common programming languages including:

  • C++
  • Java
  • LabVIEW
  • Python
  • URBI

Therefore, simulation robot software are quite accessible. There whole point being is to work out any design flaws before the system is installed.

Three advantages of using robot simulation software

Manufactures can enjoy three distinct benefits for robot simulation. Although it is unquestionable that there are other reasons as to why robot simulation software is beneficial, there are a few key reasons why it has become increasingly popular. Here they are:

Proof of both design and concept

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Since robot simulation provides proof of design and proof of concept, they ensure that flaws are not built into the systems of robots. This makes it the number one key advantage of robot simulation. Manufacturers get to realize and enjoy this benefit each time their robots successfully process a part. Both the proof of design and concept ensures that only the best robotic system is installed and that it functions in the exact way it was intended.

Lowered costs of integration


The simulation of robots helps in the reduction of the overall costs of integration. This is mainly done through the ability to simulate real-world applications without having to incur the physical costs of actually doing it. Most times robot simulation eliminates as well as reduce the need to make system adjustments after it is installed since its processes have already been proven to work.

Curtailed system delivery times


Another key benefit associated with the simulation of robots is that it shortens the system delivery times. But how is this possible? Since robot simulation helps in offline programming, this means the programming of a robot is done before it is installed. In most cases, this means that the robot can begin processing parts the very same day that it is implemented. In turn, this significantly shortens the overall delivery time on the system.

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Evidently, the simulation of robots comprise of a wide array of different benefits over the use of traditional CAD methods. However, they all translate to higher quality robotic systems, reduced costs and shorter integration times.

It is important to note that not all integrators use robot simulation software. Therefore, the manufacturers and other robot users who want to make the most out of their robotic systems ought to choose to liaise with an integrator that will provide them with all of its benefits.

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