Are Electric Vinyl’s Worth It?

The word vinyl is constantly making the rounds. Of course, today the term refers to many different things. There are vintage vinyl players, electric counterparts, and even the collectors pop vinyl figures that many fans of pop culture claw for. However, this article will focus on the music side of things, discussing electric vinyl’s in terms of their benefits and value. Let’s jump in!

Vibrant vinyl

For all their artistic and sentimental worth, vinyls whether classic or electric belong to businesses and thus to a market. All in all, they’re a commodity, a product that lives or dies by consumer interest. Consequently, they need to evolve with the times, and try to compete with all the other means of listening to music out there. Still, due to their long and complicated history, the vinyl has no doubt struggled to remain relevant through the years.

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As time marches on, so too does technology. People want their music with them anywhere and everywhere, accessed at the swipe of a screen. Still, the electric vinyl does at least attempt to counter this, as they can often be found to be portable in their use. Still, this is obviously clunkier to carry than a smartphone with Spotify installed. Consequently, the portability doesn’t do much to swing things toward electric vinyl’s favour.

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Of course, it’s not even just about portability either. The fact that apps such as Spotify allow music to be transferred to different devices is a huge plus. So long as an account has been made, users can access their music via phone or computer, meaning their tunes are never out of reach. Obviously, vinyl is a different story whether it’s electric or not.

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If part of the whole is missing or scratched, it’s game over straight away. Every component must be in good condition if there is music to be played, and overtime, the reliability of this starts to fade. On the other hand, if you have a scratched screen you can make do. Additionally, if you’re phone conks, you can use your computer or PlayStation for Spotify until it’s replaced!

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Despite many companies acknowledging the hardships of the vinyl, many fight on to ride the occasional wave of resurgence before vinyl slips back into the shadows for another spell. It’s undeniable that vinyl carries a certain aesthetic and nostalgic factor, a slice of history in some cases that miraculously works today. However, the electric vinyl arguably detracts from this narrative. They’re more modern, meaning they have less historical worth and thus less to marvel at. The electric vinyl simply does what a vintage player does, but without the vintage factor, they’re something close to redundant and surely lose that ‘wow’ factor.

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In conclusion, electric vinyl’s might be a little niftier than their vintage counterparts, but they’re still a questionable investment. It might be worth it if you’re a collector of sorts, or if you have hipster needs to meet. All in all, it’s hard to see a plausible reason to invest so much money into something that might be aesthetically pleasing, but nevertheless, limited in its uses.

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