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Vitamin String Quartet: New Geek Wedding Album Review & Giveaway!

There is just something about modern music being portrayed in a classical way that really sings to your soul. For geeks, any geeky music played in the same manner is simply magical! In the past years whenever I heard string instruments playing my favorite tunes I couldn’t help but to stop and listen to the majesty they command but today we have a very special treat for you!

We had the chance to review the Vitamin String Quartet’s new Geek Wedding Album and MAN are there some great memories on this album! Not only are we giving you our thoughts on it, but YOU get to have a chance to WIN A FREE COPY!!!

Who Is Vitamin String Quartet?

If you have never heard of them, The Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) is a top-selling collective of classical musicians who perform cutting-edge string renditions of modern and classic rock songs. Fusing virtuoso technique with the hits of contemporary artists such as Muse, Coldplay, Adele and more, VSQ has sold millions of recordings and amassed an incredible following. Inspired by their growing popularity, VSQ also offers exclusive sheet music and can be seen in one-of-a-kind live performances.

Here is just a taste of the type of music they play and their sound, Enjoy!

Geek Wedding Album

The title says it all, it is the perfect collection of geek songs that would fit at ANY geek wedding – it is not only fun and nostalgic, but also classy and sweet. All geeks will find something to love in it whether it be one of their favorite gaming tracks or “that awesome song they forgot from that movie”. The familiarity shines through but the quartet really puts in the effort and makes it their own. Truly a brilliant piece of music. Songs on the album range from the Star Wars Imperial March (a party classic!) to “Still Alive” from Portal (a gaming classic!) and everything in between – There is even some Weezer in there!

This is one of my favorite tracks to give you a feel for the album – Game of Thrones is epic!

You can pick up the album and hear more samples here!

How Do I Win?

Today 5 Lucky Readers of Infinigeek will have the chance to win a FREE copy of the Geek Wedding Album by Vitamin String Quartet!

Here’s what you have to do to win: leave a comment on this article with what song you’d like to see VSQ cover next. After you’ve done that, go ahead and click here to send the following tweet about the contest:

I’m entering to win @WeAreVSQ’s Geek Wedding Collection from @infinigeek! #WeLoveGeekMusic

Make sure you’re following us on Twitter so we can contact you if you win!

The contest will be open until 5:00pm ET Friday, March 20th. So enter before then!

The full track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Concerning Hobbits (The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)

2. Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts)

3. Birdhouse in Your Soul (They Might Be Giants)

4. Main Title (Game of Thrones)

5. Still Alive (Portal)

6. The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) (Star Wars)

7. Ice Dance (Edward Scissorhands)

8. Harry In Winter (Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire)

9. The Next Generation Theme (Star Trek)

10. Island in the Sun (Weezer)

11. Love Theme from Superman (Superman: The Movie)

12. Storybook Love (The Princess Bride)

Good luck, you music loving geeks you!

Do you like VSQ? Have you heard the album? What are your thoughts? Any other string music we should know about, or geek music? Let us know in the comments below – thanks for reading and participating!

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