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5 Effective Methods to Get Your Music Viral

As a musician, you can be as creative as you want but if you can’t get people excited about your music by making it go viral, your success will be limited. Even though musicians would wish there were a magic wand and formula that could be followed to make their music easily go viral, the reality is that things are not as simple as that. It’s a creative process which can involve anything from creating music websites to using social media right all the way to creating a scandal to get people talking. However, there are some principles that have shown to produce results constantly, and that is exactly what we want to discuss in this article.

Focus on both making a good product and being popular

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In order for your music to go viral, it should be obviously great music. Hence, one can argue that before even thinking about ways of spreading the music, the initial question needs to be: would you personally want to share what you create? Is it better than the things you’ve heard before? To go viral, you need to stand out of the music ocean that all of us hear every day. If the listeners like your music, they will not need to be persuaded to share it because people generally tend to willingly share things that excite them.

But making good music is not enough. You also need to focus on making it popular. This is the reason why as a musician you need to create your own music website with the main intention of making yourself popular so that when people search for you they find what you want to show them.

Create relationships with influencers

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Creating relationships with people who already have a following can be a great method of helping your music go viral. For instance, look up local journalists and bloggers in your area and keep them informed about what you are doing. This is exactly what the creator of Harlem Shake, the internet meme, did and it started spreading like a wildfire, and in the process catapulted Filthy Frank, its initial creator into becoming a household name.

Link to successful individuals


Look for successful and influential people and find out how you can work with them. This worked for the London producer Oshi who had Lorde, the award-winning New Zealand singer-songwriter retweeting one of his remixes. As soon as this happened, popular sites like Your EDM and Billboard started reporting on it. This got the remix going viral.

Getting the attention of popular people can be done in different ways including using hashtags that can be seen by the popular individuals whose attention you want to attract.

Hijack the competition

How do you write original music without stealing other songs?

If your competitors are doing well and getting the attention, there is nothing wrong with smartly copying them. Successful musicians are not usually shy to state what they have done to get their music viral.

To be successful in hijacking your competition, you need to be clear who you are competing with first. These would be people who play the same kind of music you do. Once you know who these people are, you can now then use the internet to search for them and find out what it is they are doing.

Create a consistent brand

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Music is a serious business that can benefit from the use of professional marketing methods. A number of artists have illustrated the power of viral marketing in music. One good example of this is Marshmello, the American electronic DJ, and dance music producer.

Most of Marshmello’s success has come from using viral marketing methods to create a unique brand which is consistent. This consistency is represented by the way he uses his artwork, the helmet to fit together with his music.

Keep on creating, make your music and get success!

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