Gaming Hard On A Student Budget

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and the fact gaming has the potential to make you broke. What was once a small niche that allowed people to squander the time between this and that has now become an expensive hobby that can set you back big time. The hardware is expensive and the games ain’t cheap, which is a real bummer for all those students that would rather be collecting victories on C.O.D than improving their grades in class.

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In short, the cost of gaming is becoming unreasonable for students the western world over.

However, if you know what you are doing, and you are willing to make a few little sacrifices here and there, you will find there are ways to significantly boost your gaming budget. And here is how:

Be Patient

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Resisting the urge to go and spend half your student loan on the latest releases is almost too much to take. But you know as well as we do, if you just wait as little as a few months, you will find there is a Steam sale with a significant discount and a used copy for half the price. It is a sacrifice, but it is also double your budget.

The Classics Are Worth It

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Just because it didn’t get released in 2017 does not mean it should be ignored. GTA V. Skyrim. Fallout 3. These are classics that can now be bought for pennies, the kind of game that will keep you entertained for hours and days for a small pinch of the original cost. Now that is good value.

Time To Trade In

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A great way to fund your need to have the more recent titles is through trade-ins. Yup, it is time to get into the habit of selling used games and using that money to fund your desperate urge to play the latest releases. We know this can be hard to swallow, especially if they are open-world titles or multiplayer epics. However, story-driven games are pretty much only good for one play, so start with them and see what you can get in return.

Hitting The Hardware

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If you are a console gamer then, sorry, but you’re options are limited because there isn’t much chance of you finding a bargain on the hardware front. PC-gamers, however, can save big by shopping smart. Sure, a middle of the range gaming laptop will cost about the same as a top of the range console, but a laptop can do so much more. Go one step further and get a desktop and you can create a modular upgrade system whereby you upgrade parts to save money and not get left behind.

Pull Together

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You’re a student, probably living with other students, so utilise that. Sure, trying to convince your pals to chip in for a new PS4 may not be possible, but if they all like the competitive bond that is created by FIFA then ask them to share the burden on that front. $40 spread amongst five of you is a tidy result.

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