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The Rise of Retro Gaming: The Past That Refuses to Leave Us

Gaming is an industry that tends to move fast, but in this quick pace what it also does is create a vast history of memorable titles. This is where retro gaming is born and why it flourishes. We remember the awesome games like qbert, mario, donkey kong and other classic atari or nintendo platform games that we used to play in the past and we want to look back at them.

Maybe it’s the simplicity of the past that makes us feel happy, or it is just nostalgia. Whatever reason it is, the retro movement refuses to die, and it shouldn’t. Whether it is the continued popularity of “8-bit” style gaming, or retro consoles and games themselves, the need for these are still as strong as ever. These are a few games that show just how caught up we are in the retro scene:

Donkey Kong

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While Donkey Kong may be over thirty years old, he still has his fans. He also has a whole library of games titles that fit in the “retro” category of gaming. When we think that he was the character that gave birth to the phenomenon that would be Mario also shows his importance not only to gaming but also to the success of Nintendo. As popular as ever, Donkey Kong will always have a place in gaming.

Mario and Sonic

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Putting these two characters together may seem strange, but in some respects you can’t have Mario in this list without Sonic. At the height of the console wars between Nintendo and Megadrive many people were either a Mario fan or Sonic, and to a lesser extent a fan of both. Mario and Sonic are still as popular as ever, even if Sonic’s best years are behind him. With Super Mario Maker though and the levels that can be created on the Wii U game, it shows that the retro style is popular with Mario fans.

Retro Reels and Fruit Slots

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If you’ve been to websites that offer slot machine style games, you’ll see there are many slot styles in fashion. While some are more complicated and try to tell a story, there will always be players who want the good old slot machines they remember from the arcades. It seems even in the cutting edge gaming world, the good old slot machine refuses to die.


Pac-Man: The Story You Never Knew

Pac-Man is another games character that refuses to die. There have been attempts to modernize him as well as Ms. Pac-Man but the truth is the original 2D styling is still the best. Created all the way back in 1980 this is another game that has lasted the test of time and will always be popular not only in games, but in pop culture in general.

This is just a taste of the power of retro gaming, and it continues to be popular. It is a part of pop culture now, and when all the over complicated games of this generation become a little too much it is always nice to go back to where it all began and rediscover some of those greats that you grew up with.

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