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Review: ZeroBounce – Easy Email Validation for Small Businesses

Email lists are a crucial asset to businesses online and off, but what happens when the emails in your list – are bad?

You are probably familiar with the basics of list building and email marketing but when it comes to solving issues in your list, that is probably the last thing on your mind – where do you start?

On the web maintaining a good reputation with the internet service provider and achieve a high deliver-ability rate, has become a more challenging task than ever. Even though your email address acquisition methods are organic and most of them generally follow the standards for email marketing, the emails on your list still face the risk of falling victim to spam traps. Due to such traps, the bounce rates, as well as complaint rates, will increase – and the reputation of the sender will decrease – and your businesses can’t afford to ignore it.

Thankfully there is an awesome service for this problem, called ZeroBounce.

What is ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is an Email Verifier that helps you to determine the validity of the emails on your list. What ZeroBounce does is allow you to upload your email list into the system, and it goes through each email address you submit, as it is scrubbed through.

Once the system has the emails, it follows some of these check points to achieve the maximum accuracy of your list:

  • Email address syntax check: Removing any improperly formatted email addresses.
  • Domain/MX records check: This checks the DNS entries of an email address.
  • Role accounts detection: Detecing and flagging the role account email addresses.
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection: Identifies email addresses that are temporary email accounts used to mask real email addresses.
  • Abuse detection: Identifies frequent complainers who fraudulently mark mails as spam.
  • Spamtraps/honeypots: Detects emails that are known spamtraps.
  • Toxic Domain Detection Detects Email Domains know for bot and spam registrations.

Using ZeroBounce

If you are sold already, you can pick the package that fits your list size/budget – but for the rest of us all you need is the Free account to validate 100 emails for no charge to give it a test!

Here is the cost breakdown for your email list size (you can see more up to date figures on their site):

Number of Emails Price per Email
5K to 100K $0.002
100K to 250K $0.0015
250K to 500K $0.001
500K to 1M $0.0008
1M to 2M $0.00075
2M to 5M $0.0007
5M $0.0006
over 5 Million Call For Pricing

ZeroBounce is very easy to use, as you can expect you don’t need to have any email marketing experience to upload your emails into the system.

To give the system a test simply upload a “CSV” or “TXT” file – here is what I did:

  1. Export list from email marketing system
  2. compile .txt file in notepad (or similar program)
  3. make sure each email address is on one line, hit enter after each one, save it – upload it into the system

Once it’s inside ZeroBounce the system will analyze the emails, and send you an email once it’s done (or you can check the uploaded files tab for a status on it)

After ZeroBounce does it’s thing you can make adjustments to your list and enjoy the benefits of a clean list!

Another great feature of ZeroBounce is the API – you can integrate it into your email signup on your website or wordpress site to validate emails as they go into your list, so you can avoid having to test emails after the fact. Stay ahead of email validation with this feature, and feel super smart!


If you want to increase your SEO rankings then email detection & spam detection, along with reducing bounce rate are super important. ZeroBounce is a simple package that provides a robust feature list for validating your emails. We had no issues in our testing and find this to be easy to use for anyone, bloggers, marketers, designers, and developers alike can benefit from a clean list with ZeroBounce.

You can sign up here for free give it a try, and if you like it please share this ZeroBounce review so other businesses and content creators who need a good email validation service to filter their emails through can find out about this awesome new service, ZeroBounce.

Have YOU Used ZeroBounce? If this ZeroBounce review was helpful, let us know below in the comments!

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