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Seven Best Online Courses to Improve Your Resume

Some of the best courses from renowned Universities and private instructors are now available online, some for free and some for a small fee. Whatever your interest is, chances are that there are online it courses just for you, tailored to your interests to grow you both personally and professionally.

Here are the top seven courses we have narrowed down that you may wish to consider exploring! 

1. Data Science for Business Leaders

Top Ten Emerging Technologies

The popular online learning website Udemy is now offering a Data Science course tailored toward business leaders. With the dawn of Big Data, businesses must learn how best to use data to maximize productivity and growth. 

This course offers business leaders an introduction to how technologies like Machine Learning (ML) can be leveraged to extract value from data and curate narratives using data to drive their businesses forward and gain a competitive edge in their fields. 

This course is suitable for leaders who are from non-technical backgrounds as well, so give it a try and start integrating the power of data science into your business today! 

2. Understanding Research Methods

The University of London, one of the most respectable and renowned research universities in the world, has now partnered with the popular online learning platform Coursera to offer a course on learning more about research methodologies. 

With this course, students can expect to gain a deeper insight into the world of research and demystifying research methods. While the course is aimed toward postgraduate students, those without a technical research background can also give this course a shot to learn more about the different approaches and skills it takes to conduct a holistic research project. 

This can prove to be useful in either student or professional research projects, and the critical thinking and analytical skills gained from this course will be an asset to you for life. 

3. Using Python for Research

Why Use Python for AI and Machine Learning

Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, is now offering its “Using Python for Research” course on its online learning platform. 

The Python programming language has now become a universally used tool in aiding businesses in all fields to better strategize and optimize for growth. 

Most other Python courses simply teach you how to code, but with this course, students can expect to engage in hands-on exercises with research case studies to heighten their practical know-how. 

4. CS50

CS50 is an introductory course in computer science and is one of the most popular coding courses on the internet available today — and the best part: it’s free to learn! You only need to make a payment if you wish to gain certification. 

This online course is conducted by Harvard University and requires no background knowledge whatsoever to get started. Simply log on to your computer and go through the weekly learning materials, with little projects to keep your interest to be completed along the way.

With technology being increasingly adopted into various business fields, learning the basics of how machines work with code and how you can incorporate it into your daily work routine to optimize certain tasks will no doubt be an asset to both your resume and your productivity. 

From creating basic computer games to learning how to make a mobile application, CS50 is just the right course for you to get your feet wet in the ever-growing world of technology.

5. Introduction to Political Philosophy — Financial Theory

Yale University is another prestigious university that has opened up its curriculum to the masses via its online learning platform. An excellent course that Yale University currently offers is one where students will be able to learn about the foundations of financial theory. 

Students will also learn about how these theories developed over time and evolved from the earliest Western traditions. Aside from gaining a deeper appreciation for the history of Western civilization, you will also be able to learn about how the way the free market economy works today in the Western world is intrinsically tied to the philosophies that have been shaped over thousands of years. 

6. American English Speech

Having good communication skills is essential to almost any profession — whether you are a stockbroker liaising with your clients or a software developer pitching your ideas to your tech team, honing these skills will serve you well throughout your career and will be greatly appreciated by those around you. 

One course that you can use to develop your communication skills further is the American English Speech course offered by Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative. By improving your diction, vocal variety, tone, and body language as you speak, you will better be able to communicate your ideas to your clients and colleagues. 

This course will allow you to further build rapport and trust with those around you — so give it a try and you may just be surprised at how much better of a speaker you become! 

7. Accounting for Managers and Entrepreneurs

Stanford University has also set up its very own online learning platform for the public to use. A course that you may find especially useful if you are a business leader is Stanford’s Accounting for Managers and Entrepreneurs.

Through this course, you will be better able to appreciate essential accounting concepts and how accounting systems work in the real world. You will also learn how to interpret financial statements and how you can extract useful information from them to better inform your business decisions.

In addition, you will also learn the basics of designing accounting systems and better managing the cost control aspects of projects in your business. 

This course requires knowledge of calculus and statistics. So if you are interested, be sure to dust off your high school math textbook and get ready for some accounting knowledge coming your way! 


Whether it is learning how to code, building a website, analyzing chunks of data, improving your communication skills, or learning about the history of Western civilization, there is an online course waiting to satisfy your curiosity and interests. 

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of online learning platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, and edX, and start improving your skills as a person and professional today! 

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