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How Companies Can Build Goodwill Through Tech

It’s important to understand that while goodwill is an important part of building trust with your customers and clients, it’s also changing in modern business life. Sometimes, even being noticed via having a response to a corporate post, such as a funny retort or ‘like’ can itself be a means of validation for certain fans of a certain brand.

However, as not all firms have retail stores or physical presences, it’s not as if the old wisdom of bundling services together for a particular discount or offering something personal to that client is as easy as it once was. We rarely see Amazon giving a customer a 20% discount because they’ve been loyal that week, as the process is systemized.

However, companies can and do build goodwill through tech, for many important reasons. Knowing these reasons and managing them can be an exceptionally worthwhile means of establishing your brand further, and of building goodwill in the best sense. As far as that is concerned, we would posit the following advice:

Share Your Expertise

Be open and change the world

Sharing your expertise can be a fantastic means of not only showing you care for those using your services, but those who even have the slightest interest in your industry at large. For example, Borgata are known for exemplary customer care, and this also goes to their efforts trying to educate many far and wide as to how to protect their digital privacy and to protect their data, which can be an essential part of a worthwhile service such as this. When you apply yourself to this end, you’ll show your true colors of caring for your clients.

Be Transparent With Data Usage

Five Reasons Data Transparency Isn’t Working In Your Organization (Yet)

Of course, the prior example is so good it must be continued. It’s important to be transparent with the data usage you apply or use if giving this kind of advice, or if asking for information during the sign-up process. Allowing customers to see where cookies are stored on their computer, giving them the option to prevent tracking, or showing them a routinely updated copy of your privacy policy, both in shorthand and in full form can be essential if you wish to come across as a legitimate service. Note how Google takes massive strides in trying to simplify its privacy policies after being accused of spying.

Allow Users Authority Over Their Account

Facebook keeps asking for our trust even as it loses control of our data

Allowing users full authority over their account with your firm can help them trust you in an online capacity. For example, having to ask them to delete your account, or to change your contact details, or allowing little functionality can seem like you’re taking their authority away, which is never a good move. With great account functionality, customers and clients will want to interact with your online service, and may come to you before other brands. This also builds goodwill.

With this advice, we hope companies can further build goodwill through a tech approach.

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