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3 Ways to Keep Your Information Safe in The Digital Age

The provider of E Writing Service already know how difficult it is to protect privacy in the digital age. This is one of the biggest challenges facing the digital era. Data that gets into the internet can either be copied or used by bad actors to defraud, hack, or steal an identity. Many challenges plague writers who depend on the internet, but these challenges can boost your writing skills if you know how to work around them. They will make you more vigilant when it comes to how much information you expose to the internet. 

1. The Home Invasion Challenge 

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The phrase internet of things is used to refer to all the digital devices that can be connected to the internet or that are used in the digital era. This includes but isn’t limited to computers, smartphones, smartwatches, etc. Since these devices are often interconnected, it is important that users protect the access others have to these devices at all costs. For example, the Webcam or microphone on your computer can be used to spy on you if a hacker gets access. To protect yourself from this, always remember to unplug and cover your microphone and Webcam. These features should only be plugged in when they are in use. As soon as you’re done, cover and unplug them to avoid the possibility of an invasion. If your Webcam and microphone cannot be unplugged, consider covering them with an electrical tape anytime you’re not using them. There have been numerous reports of home invasion through IoT devices. Homeowners were blackmailed into giving money out to protect sensitive information from being revealed. 

2. The IP Address Challenge

Most times, people don’t consider the risks attached to leaving their IP addresses exposed, especially when they are using a public connection. Most writers who research on the internet have learned the value of covering their IP addresses with VPNs. VPN is an acronym for virtual private networks. It is used to ensure secure access while your location remains protected. If you’re going to reduce the risk of getting into trouble because bad actors accessed your IP address, you should download a VPN on your phone and computer. There are free VPNs online, but you can’t compare their efficiency to premium VPNs. So, spend some money on a premium VPN, which you can use to protect your IP address anytime you go online.

3. The Free For Privacy Challenge

The Dream of a Privacy-First Social Network: 6 Alternatives to Facebook

Are you a fan of free services on the internet? Do you prefer to request for the free services instead of the paid ones? Well, this may be the time to start reconsidering. Nothing is free on the internet. If a business owner is willing to provide you with a service for free and requests for your information, chances are, the information you’re providing is the price you’re paying for the service you’re enjoying. Do you remember the data selling scandal with Facebook a while ago? Mark Zuckerberg admitted to selling the personal information of users without their consent or knowledge. So, don’t be too quick to choose the free over the paid options. 


The internet is beneficial to writers and other members of society. However, if you’re not careful, you will find yourself in difficult situations that would have been avoided if you had put in more effort into protecting your data online. With a few tricks, you can protect yourself from the negative aspects of the internet and brush up your skills as a writer. 

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