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Top Engineering Majors to Choose from in College

Engineering is one of the most extensive disciplines, and with a great variety of its types, it is not easy to choose which major is the right fit. In order to help you make your choice, it is important to identify what exactly you’re passionate about. What do you spend most of your free time on? What makes your eyes sparkle? If you make sure to pick the sub-field of engineering that you’re genuinely interested in, you will find it easier to deal with your study sessions and stay motivated to keep on being involved in the chosen discipline.

Here are some of the most popular branches of engineering for you to check and decide what one could be the best option.

Computer Engineering

Everything Is Becoming a Branch of Computer Science

When it comes to computer design, the area focuses on the design and prototyping of software and hardware. The discipline also includes computer science and electrical engineering. In other words, students have an opportunity to study computer engineering together with similar disciplines.  

Computer engineering is the right fit for you if…

  • You are passionate about computers, math, electronics, science, and you want to know more about how the devices function at a physical level.
  • You’re interested in building a successful career in the field that is related to computers and engineering at the same time – for instance, computer engineer or software developer.
  • You want to create new systems and products based on tech innovations of computer scientists.

College and university students may find that specializations in the field of computer engineering overlap with the ones available in computer science – for instance, network security and computer graphics. When it comes to the specializations that are unique to the field of computer engineering, they usually include VHDL, microcontroller systems, and computer architecture.

Aerospace Engineering 

The Unknown Startups Fueling Aerospace With Fancy Tech

This sub-field of engineering is focused on the research, design, construction, development, testing, boosting techs and science of aerospace. You also have an opportunity to study astronautical engineering that will enable you to deal with spacecraft and all the deep conditions of space.

Aerospace engineering is the right fit for you if…

  • You’re passionately excited about the flight travel mechanics.
  • You have a keen interest in the methodology and history of flying devices (from the first sketches made by Leonardo da Vinci to the modern machines).
  • You’re fascinated by computer simulations and the way all aircraft machines function under the most extreme conditions.

If you decide to study aeronautical engineering, you have an opportunity to work in the fields of avionics, aerodynamics, and aeroelasticity.

Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineer Who’ll School You on Coffee

This sub-field of engineering deals with the use of biological and chemical processes that lead to production of useful substances and materials. The discipline includes a range of sub-fields, such as biomedical engineering, mathematics, and physics.

Chemical engineering is the right fit for you if…

  • You’re also thinking about studying chemistry or some other natural science.
  • You can boast of an analytical mindset.
  • You’re curious about various chemical processes behind everyday items’ production.

If you think that chemical engineering could be the right option for you, you have an opportunity to work in plant design, chemical reaction engineering, and process design.

Environmental Engineering

How Engineering Earth’s Climate Could Seriously Imperil Life

Those who choose to study environmental engineering are going to deal with the ways people affect the world we live in.

Environmental engineering is the right fit for you if…

  • One of your biggest goals is to reduce the impact on soil, water and air.
  • You want to reduce the level of pollution.
  • You want to provide more clean energy sources.

Civil Engineering  

The Construction Industry Needs a Robot Revolution

Civil engineering includes designing and developing various infrastructure elements at the professional level. You have a great chance to get engaged in the grandiose processes, such as the development of transport structures or nationwide water supply networks. At the same time, you can also deal with the development of single buildings or roads.

Civil engineering is the right fit for you if…

  • You want to boost your design skills, especially when it comes to computer-aided design.
  • You’re passionate about mechanical engineering, statistical analysis, and geotechnics.
  • You’re curious about the field of designing and building.

The most popular specializations of the field include hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, and structural engineering.

How to Choose an Engineering Major?

When it comes to deciding on a particular engineering major, it is important to consider a lot of elements, such as future ambitions, personality, employment plans, and skillset. Below we offer some key steps to take in order to figure out what major you should pick:

  • Consider your passions
  • Determine all of your relevant aptitudes
  • Know your perfect work environment
  • Consider your compensation needs
  • Identify your professional goals

It is recommended to write out a list of all the goals that you would like to reach in five, seven, or twelve years in your professional life. Whether you choose to study petroleum or mechanical engineering, you have to be ready to do a lot of homework assignment projects. Moreover, at some point, you may also find yourself looking for a professional engineering assignment help because some of the tasks will be quite challenging and time-consuming. But the reality is that if you have your list at hand and focus on it, you will find it easier to work your way through the tough academic routine. Use your long-term goals to determine the field of engineering that you would like to study and ensure to keep them as your motivation to grow professionally.

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