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Will The Next iPhone 5S Stand Up To The Consumer Expectation?

Apple is in need of a much-deserved boost to uplift the otherwise dwindling image and shares in this ever-growing international market with increased expectations and thereby, demands. Even though Apple has a hold on the USA’s smartphone market they have lost to Samsung in the global market. And, since a lot of US Americans themselves are leaving Apple’s iPhone because of the never-changing design of the UI (user interface) and body, to go for options with more features at similar pricing, that raises the question about the upcoming smartphone from them, that is, if it is going to be released this year.

More Of The Same?

iPhone 5S release date, news and rumours

Apple did accomplish in the exemplary application of innovative ideas to create the original iPhone and introduced the first ever multi-touch environment on phones for daily use; unfortunately, they have been lagging behind for some years now. A lot of people made claims that with the death of Steve Jobs this kind of situation was expected and so on but I don’t blame the current CEO or people working there as I think what caused them to not to make noticeable changes are iPhone customers. I know there is a saying that ‘don’t fix if it’s not broken’ but I am not sure if it meant that new concepts or rethinking the design and UI must not happen with passing of time. It would be like saying, why make the PCs or consoles look elegant or classy when they were already running perfectly without any problem? It is very simple: in the world of computers – older designs and concepts become obsolete with time.

High-quality photos of iPhone 5S display leak for the first time

It was pretty cool when the original iPhone was released and with each release there were some significant changes though the change between devices was getting to the point of being barely noticeable. And, iPhone customers rarely had any demand for the device and happily went and bought iPhones without reading, reviewing and comparing to know if they should make any demand for the change to even happen. But now, the non-Apple consumers are well aware that their demands are met and they want some of the expectations to be fulfilled rather than overlooked. Since Apple, unlike other brands, releases just one phone a year, the change is a must and it is necessary for them to convince customers to switch from older versions to newer without stopping the support service for older versions. Because of the introduction of newer and better smartphones by HTC, Samsung and Sony, the iPhone customers were made to realize that change is necessary. Some moved on to other brands and some are still loyal, but now there is demand and expectations will be fulfilled.

Can Apple Out Innovate Samsung and Android?

Design Drawings Reveal Case Makers’ Expectations for iPhone 5S and Lower-Cost iPhone

But, how will that happen? Apple has to compete with the current leader in smartphone industry – Samsung. Of course, all the other Android smartphones that takes the huge portion in the international market. It seems like the next iPhone (5S or 6) will be looked forward this year besides Galaxy Note 3. What kind of improvements and changes will occur for the next iPhone that will take the world by a storm? If I can guess based on the current trend of huge display screens (that have changed the way we look at our phones), iPhone 5S may come with a larger display to directly compete with Nexus 4, Samsung’s Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. I don’t think they will go the extreme of a phablet size display since Google themselves avoid it so Apple may focus on a 4.5-inch to 4.8-inch Retina Display HD screen. It is also rumoured that Apple may offer various colour options to choose from for the upcoming model. A lot of claims are floating that the next Apple’s iPhone will also include the famous NFC and wireless charging options that we see for most smartphones these days.The next iPhone may come with the latest iOS7 that may include a better-looking UI with widgets and homescreen besides the other updates.

Well, these are based on rumours so we don’t even know if they are going to release iPhone 5S but still, let’s wait for the iPhone that may once again create the same excitement that they did with their original iPhone and help in changing the futuristic concept of smartphones.

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