10th Anniversary iPhone is Weeks Away – Here’s What to Expect

Every year at this time, there are a handful of seasonal changes we can usually expect to happen. Highlights include leaves falling, the excitement of football season kicking off and a new iPhone generation launch. This fall season, however, is set to be a bit more special since it marks Apple’s 10th anniversary since the tech giant launched the first iPhone that would introduce the world to smart phones and forever change the way we go about our daily lives.

Apple’s iPhone launch for 2017 is expected to come with a series of new introductions. Following the September tradition, you can expect two new iPhone models to be released – the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. But the more highly anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone is projected to come out a little later, likely in October. The name is still TBD—many are floating around the logical “iPhone 8” title but there’s also the possibilities of calling it the “iPhone X” or “iPhone Edition” because the model is anticipated to reflect a complete overhaul and an overdue new look. Here’s a look into some more details of what you can expect with the long-awaited 10th anniversary iPhone.

The Look

Apple’s iPhone 8 is coming September 12

The 10th anniversary iPhone, let’s refer to it as the iPhone 8 for sake of convenience, is expected to have an all glass body with an edge-to-edge OLED display screen. The new design will allow it to have more display space than previous models—with rumors of a 5.8-inch display. To add, the display will be switching from its former LCD display to a richer AMOLED display. Another major change will be the elimination of the Home button, which suggests a whole slew of advanced features that will also be introduced to replace the button’s original function.

The Features

iPhone 8 rumors: New gestures, not a virtual home button, will control navigation

With an iPhone sans Home button, Apple will almost definitely be replacing the Touch ID with facial recognition technology. If this turns out to be a rumor, at the very least, the way to unlock the phone is changing—if not the “Face ID” function, then a built-in virtual button that will facilitate the same function of Touch ID.

The iPhone 8’s cameras will also be getting some major upgrades. 3D-sensing technology will be incorporated into the phone’s cameras. For the dual front-facing cameras, this will enable it to find the location and depth of objects and allow for 3D facial recognition—taking the selfie game to a whole new level. And if rumors are true, the phone will introduce the new addition of a vertical rear camera that include better augmented reality functionality and will let users capture better pictures.

Another rumored change we hope to be true is a wireless charging feature. This would be a game changer in the smartphone market, and seeing how Apple has been a pioneer in the industry, it will likely lead the way.

To answer to competition, namely the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone 8 may come with a matching stylus. Though there isn’t much confirmation for an Apple Pencil feature, it could be a much-welcomed addition to the 10th anniversary iPhone.

One more highlight to point out is that the next generation iPhone will have improved water-resistance. The technology advancement will mean that the iPhone can be immersed in water for longer and in greater depths than before and still function after an H2O accident.

The Price

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone could cost over $1,000

The iPhone 8 is slated to cost between $999 and $1,200. It’s a jump from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which currently is priced between $649 to $969 depending on the version. But with all the big changes and advancements it makes sense that the price is going up for the 10th anniversary iPhone. Those who don’t feel the need to get the new iPhone are in luck because carriers like T-Mobile will be pushing out deeper discounts on the iPhone 7 once the latest edition drops.

It’s an exciting time of year for Apple. The highly anticipated smart phone release will celebrate iPhone’s 10-year anniversary with a bang. Get ready for something really special.

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