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The Rise of New Payment Methods: 3 of the Most Prominent

If you genuinely want to understand the rate at which technology has evolved in the last decade, you need to take a look at the range of modern payment methods available to customers. Ever since PayPal emerged at the turn of the century, new software has evolved to create increasingly flexible payment methods that are accessible either online or through mobile devices. There is now a growing number of firms and marketplaces accepting electronic and mobile payment methods too, with this list of paypal sites offering a fascinating insight into the popularity of this technology.

3 New and Inventive Payment Methods to look out for

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As a consumer, however, it is important to look out for the newest and most inventive payment methods that are likely to impact on the experiences going forward. Here are three of the most impressive: –

Apple Pay

Apple Pay: A Guide to the Best Features of Apple Pay

After months of speculation, Apple Pay is finally coming to the UK. From this month, iOS users will have the opportunity to make purchases, redeem vouchers and complete contactless transactions using their Apple device alone. In conjunction with MasterCard’s digital payment technology, Apple has created a typically secure and intuitive payment method that creates an incredibly convenient consumer experience. These two considerations are crucial, as it is the ability of payment operators to create secure and instant transactions that ultimately determines their appeal in the market.

Barclaycard and Wearable Payment Devices

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Wearable technology represents bug business in the modern age, especially with the second instalment of Google Glass due out shortly. This is just the tip of a thriving and competitive market, however, with Barclaycard the latest to develop hardware that enables seamless and convenient payment transactions. Its innovative and recently expanded range of bPay devices were launched last year, and is currently being touted as a ‘touch and go’ service for customers who wish to pay for everything from transportation tickets to consumer goods offline.


Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money

No list of this type would be complete without the controversial and yet increasingly popular Bitcoin currency. Despite having endured multiple cycles of boom and bust, the innovative currency has now been integrated into the mainstream and emerged as central component of the financial landscape in major cities such as London. Now also being trialed in a number of off and online casino establishments around the world, Bitcoin is being touted as the primary currency of the future and has the potential to reduce the existing infrastructure of leading banks by millions.

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