Robots Are Cool… But What Can They Do?

Anything we can do, they can do better. Or at least many robots can be more efficient at what they do and last longer when they are doing it. 

You might’ve first seen how cool robots can be watching shows like Robot Wars, or maybe even the movie Millenium Man. But since those early days, robots have made some giant leaps in their capabilities. 

What they can do, what they can learn. It’s improving at an incredible pace. Often it can be scary to consider that a robot can make a car or perform surgery. However, it is nice to be reminded just how cool robots are and what they can do. 

Birds Eye views

How the Predator Drone Changed the Character of War

You might not have even thought about it, but drones are robots. They have been active for years, and each year get lighter, faster, and able to record more. Of course, we know that drones are prevalent within the military, but looking specifically at other cool things. 

There are drones that monitor the coastline in Australia for sharks, and drones can also deliver blood too. 

Alternatively, you can use them to shoot super cool footage and take incredible photos. 


Amazon’s autonomous robots have started delivering packages in a new location: Southern California

In volatile and uncertain times, you can rely on technology to help you out. There has been a huge increase in the demand for robots that can make deliveries. These autonomous robots ensure that your goods get delivered but that there is no requirement for human contact. 

Delivery robots have been rolled out on the streets of the UK and in America. Here are just some of the companies that have very cool self-driving delivery robots:

  • Amazon
  • Starship
  • Eliport
  • AutoX
  • Robomart

Some deliver fresh food items; others are being used for your late-night take-out deliveries. 

Some of these robots are even permitted to drive on public roads!

Make music

When Robots Write Songs

Robots have been making music in one form or another for years. But now, a Ai can create music that is perfectly designed to work with your brainwaves. promises you to focus in 15 minutes by creating music that impacts your brain in a unique way. 

It’s been featured on many technology and news websites, and they hold a patent for ‘strong neural phase-locking.’ Technology removes distracting noises, and you can focus for longer. In their words, their clever tech creates music to help you do what you need to do. 


5 Amazing Ways That Robots Are Being Used In Medicine

Did you ever think you would see the day where robots are used to complete complex procedures? Well, it’s here, and it is exciting. 

Roboto assisted surgery allows for human surgeons to perform even better. They are usually minimally invasive and have several benefits for patients too. 

  • Reduction in pain and discomfort
  • Smaller incisions, so reduced risk of infection
  • Less blood loss and transfusions
  • Minimal scarring
  • Shorter hospitalization

Although a surgeon’s hands are sharp and steady, a robot is completely still. They also have a high degree of dexterity and can operate within even smaller spaces. 

It is important to note that the surgeon has complete control over the robot, and the surgeon also has access to state-of-the-art visuals too. 


When Robots Invade the Kitchen

If you haven’t heard of Moley Robotics’ Robotic Kitchen, then you are in for a treat. All of the appliances are adapted to be used by robotic hands (although you can use them too!). 

The kitchen itself is a completely automated kitchen unit. It has recipes, robotic arms and hands, a recipe recording system, cabinets, and more. 

Totally optimized for use by both robots and humans. It has a cool GUI where you can request the robot to make certain recipes, open drawers, find things like ingredients and utensils, and more. 

If you are keen to read more about it, you can create a whole robotic kitchen here. 


These Robots Use AI to Learn How to Clean Your House

Do you get bored of sweeping and vacuuming the floor? What about mopping and washing the floor? Well, there are robots that can do that for you. While you might find some of the funniest robotic vacuum cleaner stories online, they are still incredibly useful. 

You can program your robot to clean where and when you need to. They can sense changes in the room, like if they are about to bump into a corner or a change in the destiny of the floor going from wood to carpet. 

While most of us are familiar with the vacuum, most of us haven’t heard of the robot mops. They save a considerable amount of time and can work in unison with your vacuum hoover. 

The mopping robots have plenty of options, including route planning, schedules, and sensors too (so that it doesn’t mop your carpet and can avoid getting stuck). 


Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

Although we have built robots, they can teach us! From smaller programmable robot kits for adults to things like L2TOR that can help teach children a second language. 

L2TOR during a test with Dutch students aged four to six in 2016-2018. It taught them 34 different English words and indicated that robotics and play elements could teach children a language. 

While the human element of teaching will always be something that keeps people engaged, robots (and electronics in general) have been supporting and increasing the rate at which people have access to information and how they use it. 

Robot making kits have been around since the 80s, but they are more exciting and intricate now. It is giving people the ability to create something that is truly interesting and fun. Something that is even cooler is that there are robot creation kits for any age – so anyone can enjoy learning via robotics. 

While the race to make the next coolest robot is always on, it is interesting to see just how many different places a robot can be. Increasing the rate at which you can learn or perform a specific task can free up other areas of your life. 

For example, using a robot vacuum and mopping system would free up the time you usually spent doing those activities. 

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