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What Is QI Car Charger and How Does It Work?

With Qi car charger, experience the freedom from wires.

Technology allows us to charge our smartphones’ battery without the need for a USB cable. Presently, wireless charging for cars is available at a greater extent. Many car manufacturers have launched their new car models with an in-built compatible charger feature.

Before moving forward, let’s dive into this article and get to know what Qi Car Charger is:

Qi is pronounced as ‘chee’. It is a global standard of wireless car charger which is created for smartphones. Previously, there was one more standard but later on, that merged with Qi and at last Qi standard is waked up in the market because of its great functioning.

It is manufactured by the Wireless Power Consortium that defines power transmission via wireless charger is possible up to the distance of 4 cm.

 How do Qi chargers work?

The inner working of wireless charging is hard to understand whereas the basic concept is simple enough. To charge your phone you need to have two induction coils. You can call it loops that build in between two devices.  When a phone is placed on a charging pad, two induction coils come in contact with each other.

Based on inductive coupling principle, an electromagnetic field is generated by the charging station. The transmitter coil presents in wireless charging pad transfers signal to receiver coil exists at the back of your Smartphone and it starts charging.

During the power transmission, there is a possibility of moving some signals to your skin but these are not harmful as Qi standard is not meant to hurt your skin. In medical language, it doesn’t cause any skin infection.

The Qi standard first appeared in 2010 and it carries an inductive charging method to transfer signals safely and effectively.

Nowadays, phone maker prefers to use a Qi charger and they are launching new devices which can easily get charged using a wireless charger. The best part is, a wireless car charger is more reliable when you are driving.

Features of Qi wireless charging:

No mess of cables:

The word wireless explains everything. Need not to struggle with wires to connect your phone with the charger when you frequently get low battery notifications.

Here keep in mind, cables are not fully removed, it still exists in your life. The wireless charger needs a cable to connect with a power supply switch.

No wear and tear of the device:

No plugged and unplugged, hence no chance of wear and tear of any device, neither wireless charger nor Smartphone.


Wireless charging explained: Power your iPhone or Android phone wire-free

It is more convenient to carry along with your long rides. You can easily pack it in your bag and its light in weight.

At the root of it, wireless charging can be efficient if you accurately place the phone over the charging mat. Your phone battery can be charged with the case.

The wireless charger is suitable for all devices whether it’s an Android phone or iPhone. It can be used for multiple devices.

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