The Perfect Gifts For An Old Gamer

Everyone has one of those friends. The ones who spend all of their time sat in front of the TV or computer playing games. Well, it’s usually pretty easy to find presents for these people. Simply grab the latest release and hope for the best. But, games are getting expensive. Much more expensive than they used to be. Of course, this means that it’s hard to justify buying them. So, what can you get your gamer buddies, instead?

Old Consoles

Nowadays, old consoles fly off of the shelves like hotcakes. But, they also find their way onto the shelves pretty quick, too. Usually, you can pick up a decent example of a PS2 or a Gamecube for next to nothing. Because of the newer consoles that have come out, the old ones have gone to rock bottom prices. Unlike other collectables, that will only gain value with age, games consoles depreciate massively. This is bad for the seller and good for the buyer! It’s easy to find examples in nearly new condition, with packaging and all the accessories.


Old Games

These were some good ones!

Of course, with their old console, you’ll need some of their favourite classics. Thankfully, just like the consoles, there’s plenty of examples out there. Usually, you can get games second hand, and they’ll be absolutely fine. But, it’s worth being careful; scratches can ruin a game completely. Getting your hands on Xbox or PS2 games is easy. Just try to find your local games shop, or try websites like Ebay and Amazon to find deals on secondhand options.

Old Merch

I LOVE my playstation shirt! It’s gotten so many compliments

Like movies and TV, with gaming comes merchandise. In fact, a lot of the biggest titles come out with collectors editions of their games. On release, these products were very expensive. But, once they get older, you can find them for much cheaper. Certain titles will, of course, be very expensive. So, it’s a matter of digging around a bit. Other merch can be great, too. T-shirts and hoodies always go down well, especially if they feature a favorite game. These items can be obtained online or through real shops. If you want to get something new, you might be hard pressed to find something for really old games. But, if you’re willing to go secondhand, you could find some really good options.


Top 10 films based on video games

In the past, film makers became obsessed with making virtual worlds into real ones. Unfortunately, most of these films were flops. But, for you, this is great. Although the movies themselves aren’t that good, they are still very nostalgic for a lot of people. This gives you the chance to give a gaming gift that will never be forgotten, without having to spend a huge amount of money or time on it. Often times, these films will come with additional extras like merch, too.

Hopefully, this will give you some inspiration to serve your more nerdy friends this Christmas. Remember, gifts should be as memorable as possible, to ensure that the recipient always thinks of you when they use it. You may even find something for yourself along the way!

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