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How to Stay Healthy for Your Next Big Gaming Session

Look, we get it, you want to play Fortnite or League of Legends all day because you have aspirations of becoming an eSports pro. Those guys and girls make serious money and get to travel the world, all the while playing their favorite game to adoring fans in massive arenas… what’s not to love? However, those players didn’t get to that point by coincidence, no, they worked incredibly hard and kept their bodies and minds in top condition. So, if you want any chance of joining the big leagues, then you have to start taking your health seriously when gaming, otherwise you won’t get the opportunity to be a pro.

No sugary drinks and snacks

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Many players fall to the cliché of Mountain Dew and Doritos as their drink and snack choice when settling in for a night of games, but they needn’t anymore! Staying well hydrated and nourished is important because it will keep your mind concentrated on the game and your body healthy. Don’t go for sodas, sports drinks and energy cans – they may give you a momentary boost, but they’ll deliver a crash later on… Instead, try delicious beverages like coconut water (unflavored), homemade smoothies (spinach, ginger, apples and bananas all mix together well) and simply good ol’ water. A coffee, black tea, or green tea is okay for a bit of stimulation, but should only be consumed every 3-4 hours, depending on how long you’re playing. See here for more delicious and healthy snacks which can replace sugary, fatty foods.

Take care of your eyes

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While software like Flux can help adjust your screen display by reducing the color temperature, we still need to do more to decrease blue light hitting our eyes when emitted from phones and computer screens. In order to prevent our eyes from becoming dry and fatigued, buying specialized gaming glasses from brands like Altec Vision, Gamma Ray, or Gunnar Optiks is a great decision. If you’re not a fan of the styles or prices, you could alternatively pick up more affordable and tasteful prescription glasses from these possibilities and then have them converted with blue-light blocking lenses. These will reduce strain on the eyes and keep you focused for longer.

Get ergonomic seating

You might already have an ergonomic mouse and keyboard, but what about a dedicated gaming chair for your gaming room? These types of chairs are designed to put you in a good position when sitting, while providing quality material that’s super comfortable. As you’re going to be sitting for a long time, it would be crazy not to give yourself the best chair possible when gaming, as you definitely don’t want to be slouching or trying to concentrate with neck or back pain! These chairs can be expensive, but will be a solid investment for your body in the future.

Taking regular breaks

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Games are fun, but they aren’t everything in life. You’ll still need to walk about every hour or so in order to avoid cramps and stiffness. Going on from the eye suggestion above, focusing on points in the distance for a few minutes is healthy for the eyes, and so is closing them while placing an ice pack over your face to prevent strain. Ideally, you should perform stretches for your back, wrists, fingers, neck, legs and feet and then walk around outside for some added fresh air! There’s no point in trying to push yourself to the breaking point for just one more game… take the time to treat your body and mind to a pause and you’ll play so much better.

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