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The Increase in Popularity of eSports

While many of us have enjoyed watching and playing physical sports for years, such as football or basketball, others are less than athletically inclined. Many youths spend their days not on a court or pitch, but instead playing video games online with their friends.

Geeks Rule


While this was once seen as an anti-social thing to do, or only undertaken by loners or geeks, it is now becoming a staple part of our culture. This has increased to the point that eSports competitions are now held. 

You may assume that this would be safer than regular sports, omitting the likelihood for harmful tackles or play-related injury, however, it is still possible to receive an injury while playing. eSports athletes are more likely to suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury, which is also commonly seen in office workers – for more info, you may wish to check out this personal injury lawyer directory – as well as eye strain problems from consistently staring at screens. 

Generally, popular eSports categories include the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA, as well as First Person Shooters, or FPS. Some games can be played as part of a team with other highly skilled gaming professionals, or within solo events. 

Pro Gaming Careers Explode

Amazon’s Twitch leads a booming esports six-figure-salary job market in coronavirus era

The rise of video gaming in itself has created other opportunities for people, such as those who stream their gaming over YouTube or sites such as Twitch. Some of these are gaming professionals who speak about their gaming or allow people to watch them play. The highest earners here have reported over $500,000 in a calendar month, which shows how lucrative it can be, provided you have the skills and can gain the viewers. 

While eSports has been more prevalent in Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, and China, it has also broached the United States. Global championships in some games, such as the League of Legends World Championship, show how much video game competitions have broached the planet. Due to this particular game, eSports are also lauded as being included in the 2022 Asian Games, and viewed as having possible potential for inclusion in the Olympics. 

Pandemic Can’t Stop The Gamers

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of e-sports

While other athletes and sports professionals were unable to commence with practice and games during any pandemics and lockdown, the versatility of eSports meant that gaming individuals could still play, stream, and compete without breaking any social distancing rules or laws. This again shows how adaptive they can be. Some countries even broadcasted eSports on their sports channels instead of the usual physical sports games, and were met with varying levels of success.

In a world that is constantly changing and becoming more accepting of video game culture, eSports are continuing to rise and becoming a much-loved part of some peoples’ hobbies and pastimes. Their inclusion in countrywide and global events shows how lucrative this business is becoming, and how it may even take its place alongside regular sports in the coming years. 

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