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Possible Futuristic Uses of Cloud Tech – A Guide

Cloud technology has been one of the most significant computing developments of the last century. From the way in which it has transformed file storage through services like Dropbox to how it has made the sharing of media and information so much easier, there is seemingly no limit on where this innovative technology might go next. 

The reality is that there are already many potential uses of cloud technology out there – and some of them are more futuristic than others. If you’re interested in learning about what the world of cloud technology might look like some day in the future, then, read on.

Literature and Publishing

How Technology Is Changing The Literary World

Perhaps the least likely sector to jump into your head when it comes to cloud technology is book publishing. After all: physical books are among some of the least technological innovations out there, given their ability to be both purchased and consumed without the reader ever having to directly interact with the internet. And while some may buy their books online or read them on an e-reader, the reality is still that both physical fiction and non-fiction enjoy huge fan bases. 

But there are some organizations out there which are trying to change that, and publishing house Faber & Faber is one such business. While it may seem peculiar, it actually makes a lot of sense that publishing is heading to the cloud. In addition to the benefits that the cloud can bring to any business, such as the safe storage of sensitive human resources data, there is also an additional benefit: a place to manage the large amounts of data in the form of manuscripts, drafts and final versions. 

For Faber & Faber, there is a real benefit to allowing employees all over the world to work on the same centralized documents. “Content is central to what we do and cloud computing makes content easily accessible for all staff, no matter where they are in the world,” said Jim Lindsay, an integration specialist at the firm. It’s impossible to say for certain what the exact consequences of all of this might be, but there’s certainly an argument to be made that this sort of improved manuscript management could lead to publishing houses being able to get through more pitches – and, in the long run, even help increase the number of authors to whom they offer publishing contracts. 

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment Industry Sets the Stage with Cloud Computing

The world of media and entertainment has also benefitted profusely from the advent of cloud technology – not least in terms of the impact on the consumer. Consumers now enjoy a somewhat unprecedented range of cloud-based options when choosing entertainment, as streaming services rely heavily on cloud computing. The ability to store self-generated media has also been a godsend when it comes to media and entertainment. For those who are members of bands or do some sort of freelance media work, such as photography, cloud storage offers a way to easily share portfolio material. 

In large part, cloud tech developments in this sector have been down to the innovations of investors and sector leaders who have gone the extra mile. One such leader is Charles Phillips, CEO at Infor Global Solutions, who has pioneered cloud solutions in everything from intellectual property to new forms of media. With a thriving media-specific cloud sector, it is highly likely that innovations will only increase as time goes on.

Animal Management

Another unlikely destination for cloud technology to have taken root is out on the farm or down at a pet shop. But there is a real demand for cloud services in the animal management sector – and pet shops in particular have been using cloud systems which help them to manage animal health data and remember to deliver injections and medication on time to name just some of the benefits. 

And given the way that global appreciation of the problem of climate change has grown and evolved in recent years, it is highly like that there will be more innovative shifts towards helping farmers utilize cloud technology in the years to come. Perhaps a cloud-based feeding system which uses AI to reduce waste, for example, could take off.

Cloud tech has already changed the lives of many computer users for the better. Everything from Dropbox to Google Drive has provided touchpoints of cloud tech’s benefits, while more subtle cloud-powered computing has no doubt benefitted countless more people. And as this article has shown, the long march of cloud technology is not over yet: with media and entertainment, animal management and even publishing all sectors which are being targeted by the cloud tech revolution, it’s never been a better time to be at the heart of this buoyant industry.

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