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Share Your Passion & Make Money in the Process – Tips to Monetize Your Blog

Everyone has a passion and if they tell you they don’t, well, you are either talking to the walking dead or they are just not telling the truth! No matter what your passion is, where your interests lie, have you ever considered creating a blog to share what you know and to get tips and tricks from others who have a common interest?

If so, you might like to know that it doesn’t cost much and you can learn how to make a blog in just a few minutes of your time, even without a technical degree in computer science. You can also monetize your blog and let it work for you so that you have more time to spend pursuing your hobby.

Here are a few ways to make some extra cash.

Join Affiliate Programs in Your Niche

Make Money Blogging

One of the main problems that many bloggers have is that they tend to go affiliate crazy. Please keep in mind that people are happening upon your site because they searched for keywords and key terms that got them there. Choose your affiliate programs wisely, always with your niche in mind. If you run a beauty blog, you should be promoting a car insurance company just because their program pays well.

If visitors like what you have to say, find it informative and are inspired to try some of your ideas, they are more likely to click on those affiliate links than if you just randomly place affiliate ads on your blog. Additionally, readers will share your reviews on their own social media accounts, furthering driving traffic and generating revenue for you.

Ultimately, always be true to your audience. They will appreciate your honesty and candor.

Selective Use of Ads on Your Site

The same holds true with any ads that you choose to place on your site. There was a time when ads would just indiscriminately pop up on your page if you joined an ad marketing company, but these days ads are being targeted to your niche. Make sure that the advertising networks you choose to join have ads that fit your niche. It doesn’t make sense to put ads on your site that visitors will probably have no interest in. After all, they came to your site because they have an interest in your niche and may even be loyal readers who trust you. Those are the ads they are likely to click through on.

Remarketing on Social Sites

Remarketing is one of the newer strategies for monetizing your blog. Yes, it’s been around a while but not as long as PPC and Google AdSense, and is just now within recent years coming into its own. What will happen is that, when a visitor lands on a site, it puts a cookie on their device. The next time they sign into their social media page such as Facebook or Twitter, an ad is likely to pop up with products they have recently viewed.

That’s remarketing because the first marketing attempt was made when you visited their site and the ‘remarketing’ happens when they reach back out to you with an ad on your social page. A really great way to monetize your blog.

And, for one last freebie – don’t forget to join social sites! There you can build a loyal following and as you grow those followers, you get a snowball effect of their friends who begin liking your pages. The key to building a blog about your passion is to keep everything focused on a central theme. Once you have populated your site and built a following, the above tips (if used correctly!) can start bringing in the cash. Don’t expect it overnight, but it will come.

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