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The Yesteryear Of Gaming: Top 20 Arcade Machine Roms [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s look at how gaming has evolved over the years, journeying from where we are today to where it came from all those years ago. By doing this, you can see how much gaming has progressed.


The latest advance in gaming is definitely VR. First talked about in 2015 Playstation VR was announced last year and it was well received.. Although many gamers were slightly disappointed that the games released were closer to impressive tech demos.

The Current Generations

Welcome to the final console generation as we know it

The current generation of gaming consoles is made up of the PS4 and the Xbox One. We know we’re not too far off the next generation with the Switch having already been released. However, it is worth looking at what generation brought to gaming. The main advance was fully online play and true HD graphics.

Past Generations

Past generations saw games evolves slowly although arguably the biggest leap is still the change in games from the PS1 to the PS2. This jump brought full 3D graphics that had never been seen before. The most notable change was the 2D birds eye view of games like GTA switching to a full 3D 3rd person world to explore.


Of course, the form of gaming that we know today began with the arcades. The classics like Galaga were the beginning of the worlds we can inhabit when we switch on the latest generation of consoles. Although, it might seem as if arcades have long since been forgotten you can still play them today through the magic of ROM emulation!

Check out the infographic below from some of the most popular titles.

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