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Influencer Marketing in The Casino Industry

Influencers are the types of ‘celebs’ that our parents would not understand. Even we are having a tough time understanding how these social media individuals have such an impact on any given industry. The casino industry has also been impacted by influencers. Let’s see how.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Your Complete Online Guide to Using Influencer Marketing in Your Business

Before we look at influencer marketing in the casino industry, let’s take a few minutes to understand what exactly influencer marketing is all about. Influencer marketing initially comes across as one of the latest marketing campaigns that companies are using to promote their brands and services.

The concept of influencer marketing has been around for ages but the term “influencer” was not added to this type of marketing campaign until recently. Companies and brands from all over the world have always looked at getting celebrities and sportsstars to endorse their products and services. 

The logic behind this was simple. When a celebrity name or a famous face endorses a particular product or service – it gets a lot of attention, especially from their fan base. This celebrity endorsement, if done right, will not only increase the brand image of the product and company, but also result in an increase in products sold.

32 Million Followers!

With the massive growth of social media platforms in the last few years, today it is become possible to engage social media influencers to promote and endorse various products and services. Brands no longer have to completely rely on celebrities and sportsstars as they can leverage the power of social media, collaborate with social media influencers and get them to promote their brand, products and services to their following. 

Will Influencer Marketing Work in The Casino Industry?

Before we specifically answer that question, let’s look at it in a generic way and rephrase the question. Will influencer marketing work in any industry or will it work only in specific industries?

Influencer marketing will work in the casino industry, or any industry for that matter, provided it is done right. There are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to running a successful influencer marketing campaign. If one or more pieces of this influencer marketing puzzle gets mixed up, the chances of making a significant impact with your influencer marketing campaign reduces drastically.

Influencer marketing will work in the multi-billion dollar casino industry because the market is massive and continues to grow with every passing month as new jurisdictions legalize and license online casinos. Casino operators can tap into the power of influencer marketing by engaging the right influencers, coming up with creative influencer marketing campaigns and measuring the results on an on-going basis and making tweaks in order to boost the effectiveness of the campaign. 

Successful Influence Marketing For Casinos 

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Online casinos continue to compete fiercely for market share. Most online casinos tend to try and outdo the competition by offering new players lucrative bonuses, special offers and exclusive benefits in order to get them to sign-up and be loyal to their particular brand. The three biggest challenges that online casinos face are driving qualified traffic, converting visitors to clients and turning players into loyal players who keep coming back for more.

Most online casinos continue to focus on boosting their welcome bonus offers, increasing their advertising budget and pushing their affiliates to drive more traffic. The majority of online casinos are yet to fully leverage the power of influence marketing to boost their player database.

Many online casinos are beginning to understand the potential of recruiting influencers, and have very good remuneration terms if an influencer leads traffic to their site. Influencer favourite, Slots LV, offers a very strong commission based revenue model if you can get players to their casino.

What Casinos Can Do

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This is the perfect time for an online casino to experiment with an influencer marketing campaign and measure the impact on its new player registrations. The key factors that online casinos should keep in mind when setting up an influencer marketing campaign are as follows:

Write A Campaign Overview: Before starting the influence marketing process, a casino needs to put together a basic draft of what they want their influencer marketing campaign to accomplish. The casino needs to quantify what they would like to achieve at the end of X months. 

Some of the parameters to keep in mind include the influencer marketing budget for each month; what products and services to promote, what kind of social media platforms to use and what traits to find in an influencer. 

Pick A Social Media Platform: A casino needs to decide what social media platform to use. Marketers can use more than one social media platform at a time and also multiple influencers to measure the results on the platform. Some of the social media platforms to consider include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter. 

Finding Social Media Influencers: Once the social media platform has been decided, the next step is to find the social media influencers to work with. It is important to have a set of criteria as to what kind of influencer will represent a brand. Some companies make the mistake of signing just about any influencer because they show an interest in promoting their brand. 

A casino should do a little research on the social media influencer they would like to work with. A company doesn’t want to be working together with an influencer, only to find out a few weeks later they are in trouble with the law and the brand name is tarnished. Some of the popular casino social media influencers include Brian Christopher, Evoni and Slot Lady.

Make The Rules Clear: Finally, make the rules clear to the influencer marketers in terms of what content they can promote, how often they should promote and what end results should be achieved. 

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