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How To Keep Your Best Employees

Running a business is a difficult thing to do because there are so many different things that a business owner needs to not only know about, but focus on and become an expert in. This is why, when the time is right, hiring good employees is crucial; once this is done, the business owner can return to running the business and working on it, rather than working in it. 

Of course, once you’ve found a good employee, or even several employees, you don’t want them to leave again; you’ll want to keep them for as long as possible because if they were to move on, you would potentially be left with the work again while you search for someone new. Not only that, but the hiring process is a potentially long and certainly expensive one. All in all, if you have a good employee, you’ll need to work hard at keeping them. Here are some of the ways it can be done. 

Hire The Right People 

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Keeping hold of your best employees will start at the very beginning by finding the right person to fill the role you’re recruiting for. If you can do this, there should be very few problems going forward. To begin with, you must think carefully about the job description you write for the position; it should be comprehensive, detailing everything you expect from an employee as well as everything you will offer them. In this way, only the most qualified people who want to work for you will apply. 

The interview is also important. This is your chance to ask questions and answer them, ensuring that both parties are happy with the job on offer and the working environment. If either you or the potential employee has any qualms at this point, it’s best to walk away and find someone else. 

Give Them Opportunities 

Even the happiest employee might start to feel as though they want to see what else is out there for them. They might be perfectly content in their jobs, but if they don’t feel that they are being given any chances to show what they can really do, or they’re not able to see any career progression opportunities, then no matter how content they are, they may choose to go and work somewhere else; somewhere that will offer them the chances and opportunities they are looking for. 

As an employer, it is your responsibility to show your employees – especially the best ones, the ones you definitely want to keep – that they have a future within your business. To do this, you can promote them, of course, but other options include ensuring they are given as much training as they could need and allowing them to acquire the skills they need to go further in their career. You might even choose to mentor them to ensure that they are getting the very best opportunities you can provide. 

This kind of career development and mentorship will mean a lot to talented employees who will be keen to take you up on the offers you are making. Rather than having to move to a new company, which is disruptive and sometimes difficult, they will be much happier to stick with you. 

Offer Them Benefits 

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The companies that offer benefits to their employees are the ones who will have the best employee retention records. The better the benefits (in the employees’ eyes), the more likely it is that people will stay with you. Health benefits, pensions, vacation days, company cars and equipment, and rewards for a job well done will all feature. Plus there are many other ideas you can implement depending on your budget and the type of workplace your employees are in. 

Often a good salary alone is not enough to keep a good employee because, if they really are good at what they do, they will always be able to earn a good salary. If you can combine that money with the added benefits we’ve mentioned, your team is going to stay with you for longer. Plus, because they will want to keep receiving these benefits, they will work hard, be productive, and give you high-quality work. 

Manage With Trust 

You must be able to show that you trust your employees and if you can do this, they will feel as though they can stay working for you, knowing that they can do what they need to do. This will give them a feeling of ownership within the company and make it far harder for them to even contemplate leaving. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can bypass any drug testing laws or mandatory checks on qualifications and so on, but it does mean that you should foster open communication between you and your staff. 

The more open and transparent you are about the business, your goals, your reasons for making various decisions, and more, the more your employees will know you trust them to work with your vision in mind. They will be able to see if your motives are positive ones, and they will want to work with you to make your goals a reality and be a part of the progress of the business. This will only happen, though, if you put your trust in your team. 

Prioritize The Work-Life Balance 

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The work-life balance is massively important to employees, and it’s something that, if it’s lacking, can make your best employees leave you. They will want to enjoy their work and achieve as much as possible, but many won’t want to sacrifice time with their family and friends, or the chance to enjoy a favorite hobby, or even the opportunity to relax once in a while. Having to work long hours, or not being given any kind of flexibility regarding work, can be enough to start your employees searching through the job listings for something else. 

In order to keep them, you will need to prioritize the work-life balance. Flexible working with staggered start and end times can work well, as can remote working, or unlimited vacation days. A job share is another option; there are many to think about, and it can be worth discussing these ideas with your team to see what would work best.

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