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5 Reasons To Not Be Scared Of The Cloud

Cloud technology has practically solved the problem of memory – putting all your information into remote servers so that you don’t have to store lots of big files on your computer – but many of us are still afraid to use it. Some of us are afraid because we don’t know what it is. Some of us know what it is but still distrust it, believing it to be a pie in the sky idea that’s certain to have its dangers. Personally, I can understand their perspective, it isn’t entirely ignorant thinking, but let’s think about this.

Here are some quick reasons why you should not be scared of the cloud:

  • The cloud is secure. Cloud providers invest heavily in security, and they have teams of experts who are constantly working to keep your data safe.
  • The cloud is reliable. Cloud providers have redundant systems in place, so your data is always available, even in the event of a power outage or other disaster.
  • The cloud is scalable. You can easily add or remove resources as needed, so you only pay for what you use.
  • The cloud is flexible. You can access your data from anywhere, on any device.
  • The cloud is cost-effective. Cloud computing can save you money on hardware, software, and maintenance costs.

Overall, the cloud is a safe, reliable, and cost-effective way to store your data and access your applications. If you are still unsure about the cloud, you can always talk to a cloud expert to learn more about the benefits and risks of cloud computing.

You shouldn’t be scared of the Cloud, and here’s why…

Your information is all encrypted

Encryption turns a file into unreadable cipher text that cannot be decrypted unless you have a password to access it. Therefore a cyber-criminal hacking your information on the Cloud would only be able to get an encrypted file that they would not be able to translate if they did not have a password. Many of us have the option to encrypt files on our PC but don’t. The Cloud does it all automatically for you.

On top of being encrypted, your information is all ‘sharded’

Sharding involves cutting your files up into chunks and spreading them in different parts of the server. Information stored on the Cloud is encrypted, sharded and then encrypted again. This means that a hacker, were they to get into the Cloud, would only end up with untranslatable file fragments.

Scale out databases with the shard map manager

Its burglar-proof

Before the Cloud, a burglar might have been able to take your PC, your phone or your tablet and access important documents and password lists. Putting your files in a remote location means that none of this information is accessible to intruders any more.

Prevent Hacking from Cloud-Computing Security

You can use the Cloud to remotely prevent hacks

If a hacker has infiltrated your computer, you can now use cloud-based protection and disaster recovery to put your files all on the cloud in a secure server. This means that business can continue to run as usual, even with a vicious ransomware program trying to take control of all the computers, as information is no longer under threat. Similarly, you can use the Cloud to lock or erase a computer or phone remotely that has been stolen.

Cloud Security Tips: How to Prevent Hackers from Breaching Your Cloud

It can save you time and money

Not embracing Cloud technology could be having a negative effect on your business. Companies that are using it are able to keep their computers running fast, due to not having to use up as much memory. You can also have multiple people accessing the same file at once via the Cloud, so that two people on the phone can both be working on the same design, and so that businesses can monitor and edit remote workers’ documents in real time. Not only is it efficient, but it is far cheaper compared to shelling out on a shared server for your office, or external memory storage. Saving businesses time and money, it is no wonder so many businesses have turned to the Cloud.

Companies look to cloud to save money, build business

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