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Let’s think about technology. We love tech on our little section of the web, and we think it’s true to say it’s improved a number of different aspects of our life. We don’t just mean social with online networks or business with the ability to make any product quickly. We’re talking about everything and today we want to examine security. It would be fair to suggest that threats to security have become more intense as of late. Just think about the main news stories of this year. A good portion of them involved hacks on business. But what about home security? It seems that while violent crimes have dropped robberies have increased. This might be because people aren’t investing in the latest tech to protect their homes from certain threats. Let’s look some of the best tech you can buy for your home and how it could benefit you.

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The Best Inexpensive DIY Home Security Systems

Have a look up at a security camera around an office building. You’ll usually find that somewhere in the world there’s another person staring right back at you. You can’t see them, but they can sure see you. If you do anything even remotely suspicious, you might find a security guard appears and ushers you away from the building. Were they watching from a high window? No, they were alerted by a mobile security team. Now, you can hire a team like this to protect your house which is awesome. Forget coming home to find your door bashed in and all your possessions gone. If you use a company such as Time Warner Home Security, police can be alerted and arrive while the the thieves are still inside.

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Believe it or not, most break-ins aren’t really classified as break-ins at all. A break in implies there is a forced entry and in most cases there isn’t. For some robberies, a door or window was left at least partially open. All the robber had to do was pull it a little more and slip inside. You’d be amazed how many thefts occur and the homeowner doesn’t notice anything is missing for months. Why would they? There was no sign that anyone had broken in. The thief had not bothered to take large, obvious items. Instead, they stole precious accessories that only come out once every few months. That’s why you need to make sure you always know who’s knocking on your front door. Open it to a stranger, and they could easily walk in, steal everything and walk out again.


The Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2016

Finally, there’s no excuse not to have an alarm system for your house. An alarm system is a basic security system, but approximately twenty-five percent of homes don’t have one. The latest alarms will actually send a notification to your phone. That way, you can alert the authorities even if you’re not in the house.

You see tech really does benefit your life and that’s particularly true when it comes to security. Without new tech, you could be at risk of break-ins, theft, and other crimes.

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