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Furniture of the Future: What Do Advanced Concepts of Space Organization Look Like?

Modern lifestyles are becoming increasingly dynamic, and global urbanization is limiting the size of apartments. Different countries are working on the creation of technologies that allow the most efficient use of space, and there are already interesting solutions to the problem. For example, for beginners who want to learn the principles of Nonton Film online, the articles will reveal the secrets of winning. Contrary to most people, fortune loves those who want to be successful. More and more manufacturers of “smart furniture” are entering the market, combining stylish laconism of design, the functionality of forms, mobility of objects, and ease of management.

1. Multimo

Multimo creates furniture that can transform, freeing up space. The manufacturer solves the issue of space-saving by offering wall beds instead of traditional bulky models. They are easy to lift and hold safely thanks to the sturdy aluminum frame. According to the same principle, tables are made, and when assembled, they look like a wall panel, which, if necessary, reclines. 

The furniture set Twin Bunk Set for the room of a teenager is particularly fascinating. It is a furniture console with drawers and shelves, as well as retractable elements: desk and two beds, one of which is easily transformed into a sofa.

2. Sobro

The company develops and produces stylish, smart tables that can cool drinks, charge mobile devices, and perform a number of other things. The first model was the Sobro Smart Coffee Table, introduced in March 2017. The novelty was met with interest by users who appreciated the convenience of having everything at hand. With such a table, you do not need to be distracted from watching a football match, going to the kitchen for another chilled bottle of beer, or looking for an outlet to recharge your smartphone. Its tabletop is made of durable tempered glass, and you don’t need to be afraid to damage the surface of the glasses with drinks. 

The next generation was side tables-bedside tables Sobro Smart Side Table. They feature a wireless charging pad, USB ports, a quietly working cooling box, Bluetooth speakers, and a motion-activated led backlight. With the Sobro mobile app, you can customize the lighting accompaniment of parties by synchronizing the lighting change with the music. You can also choose smart sleep mode, then the indicators will simulate sunrise.

3. Matroshka Furniture

The furniture concept of the company Matroshka Furniture is based on the transformation of the situation by the method of All-In-One. The room is seen as a volumetric rather than a spatial element, and designers create interior items while maintaining the convenience and aesthetic appearance of the furniture. As a result, four rooms are actually placed in one room: a living room, a bedroom, an office, and a dining room. And all this is compactly placed on 15 square meters.

The problem was solved by the manufacturer on the principle of Matroshka dolls as well as painted dolls, smaller pieces of furniture are invested in furnishings that are larger in size. The workplace with a table and a chair are raised on a pedestal to which several steps lead. The bed and ottomans hidden inside the structure can be easily removed if necessary. A table is sold separately, the tabletop of which can be easily moved up or down with the help of a hydraulic mechanism, which makes it easy to adapt it to emerging situations. When assembled, it serves as a coffee table, and if necessary, transforms into a dining version. 

4. Ori Living

This company will mail you a walk-in closet

A flexible interior that can be transformed at the touch of a button is already a reality today. A research team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed robotic furniture that can dramatically change the function of living space in a few minutes. For example, the pull-out bed in the morning is easily tucked away in the closet, and the furniture console shifts to the side, freeing up space and transforming the room into a spacious studio. The project has already entered the commercial stage, but the furniture is still available only to developers in the United States. 

At the moment, the manufacturer offers Ori Pocket Closet, Ori Cloud Bed, and Ori Studio Suite. Externally, everything looks like ordinary furniture of modern design. The difference is in the built-in control module, which allows you to transform the interior. So, at the touch of a button, the Cloud Bed rises, revealing a sofa with a coffee table standing next to it and transforming the bedroom into a living room.

A fun fact is that the robotic interior was named Ori after the Japanese art of origami. As sheets of paper are folded into various figures, and so pieces of furniture move, changing the situation of the room and transforming the space.

5. Impero Young

The concept of the bed Impero Young is based on the development of space up, which significantly saves space in a compact city apartment. The multifunctional design combines a bed, cabinets, drawers, and shelves at the same time. It looks extraordinary and stylish. The bed is made high: it is raised above the floor by at least 120 cm. Inside, there is a wardrobe for things, and the design itself is equipped with various types of stairs that can be equipped with a railing. 

For maximum space savings, the manufacturer uses literally every centimeter of the structure. For example, it embeds boxes in the stairs or equips shelves at the top. It is very convenient to use such a multifunctional bed, thanks to the pull-out trolleys and sliding doors.

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