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Backpacking Tech Tips For The Geek-On-The-Go

You want to get out and see the world. But you want to take your tech with you. There’s nothing wrong with that; traveling can be even more fun when you can connect with others and share the journey.

But that reliable tech might not be all that reliable when you see foot out in the world. Here’s the smarter way to be a geek on the go.

Your pocket guide

4 Apps You Will Actually Use While Traveling

Your digital device isn’t just a nice luxury to bring on the road with you. It can be one of the most useful and multipurpose tools in your bag, helping you better enjoy the destination you’re going to. Before you go, make sure you load your smartphone or tablet up with travel apps. A couple of the obvious choices include interactive maps that can provide directions and travel guides. But you can install currency converters and translation apps or easy phrase apps that make it a lot easier to avoid getting caught in some old-fashioned tourist confusion, too.

Stay connected, stay safe

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There’s danger besides what happens to your device, as well. You might end up getting lost or find yourself caught in some bad weather. It can turn from a lovely day from backpacking to a seriously dangerous situation in little time flat. But you’re probably already aware that you’re going to occasionally be far from any network service. That’s why you should never go backpacking without devices that can keep you connected even when out of service range. Many of them come in the form of dongles or antennas, giving you the signal boost you need to get help when it’s essential.

Always bring protection

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Your tech is valuable to you and there are plenty of risks to it out on the road. Connecting to networks you don’t normally use should only be done once you’re sure you’ve set up strong password protection and anti-malware software, for one. You should consider getting a wire lock for your laptop as well so no-one can gain unauthorized access. But it’s not all malice, either. With the most protective laptop backpack, you can protect it from water, dust, bumps, and scrapes as well. You don’t want some broken devices souring the whole trip for you, after all.

Feel powerful

The Best Tech To Have When Studying Abroad

All of the above tools are only going to be useful so long as you can provide them with power. Portable chargers are a good fix, but they are temporary. When you’re going abroad, such as from Europe to America or vice versa, you need to understand some of the differences in the way power works. Not just in different plug sizes, but in terms of different voltage, too. Most high-end devices are built to withstand that difference in voltage but that might not be true for all of your tech. For that reason, make sure all adaptors don’t just take care of mismatching plugs and sockets but mismatching voltage, as well.

There are lot you can do with the right tech when you’re out there. You can blog, you can take pictures with your drone, you can even hook up with other travelers and swap stories. Just make sure the tips above are helping keep you and your tech safe.

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