Green Tech Innovations: Sustainable Living at its best

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The surge in sustainable technology is changing the face of the residential landscape. As the new trends unfold, the old ones are sent to the junkyard. Eco-friendly gadgets and architectural design are gaining traction across the globe, albeit the progress is sluggish in some areas. Also, energy is still consumed like there is no tomorrow. It is up to each and every one of us to keep up the pace with novelties and let them empower us in our aspirations for a better lifestyle.

Smart gardening

There are many literal ways to add the presence of greenery to your abode. Urban gardening is already old news, but now you can take the sustainable way of living to the whole new level.

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Take the example of Grove Ecosystems, the concept which utilizes aquaponics in order to assemble the world’s first intelligent interior garden. It sits on top of the aquarium and harnesses fish-based waste products to produce nitrate using microbes. At the same time, the system maintains clean water for the fish and nutrients for home plants.

Environmental awareness

Environmental health in domestic space is paramount. First, products like those used to clean the house often contain hazardous chemical components, despite the fact that we possess the alternatives like baking soda.


Furthermore, some dangerous chemicals such as asbestos and lead are found in construction materials. They require professional inspection and treatment. So, search for environmental consulting if you need clarification about chemicals, contamination assessment, resource management, land and water science, etc.

Off the grid

Today, homes are capable of not only saving a considerable amount of energy, but also producing enough of it to escape grid dependency. Eco capsule is a pod-like home, which is tailored to living completely off the grid. It features solar and wind power capacity, as well as rainwater collectors and filters. The structure is portable and flexible as well, which means that you can transport it anywhere. It may look small, but the capsule actually has amenities like a kitchenette, hot shower, and flushing toilet.

In new light

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LED lighting is much more energy efficient than standard incandescent and CFL bulbs, does not contain toxic chemicals, and lasts ways longer. LED fittings are also used as decorative elements that infuse interior with color, accent, shape and line. People adore the fact that they can manipulate or program the fixtures with smartphone applications and minimize the waste of electricity. Apart from cutting edge tech, we can also utilize kitchen science: It is possible to create a salt lamp with just a glass of water and two teaspoons of salt.

Drop in the ocean

Limiting the energy and water consumption in the household is one of the primary goals. Water-saving features like low-flow faucets are flooding the market, and top-of-the-line products from Nebia are capable of reducing the water usage by 70%. H2 Micro technology atomizes the water stream and converts them into tiny droplets. Hence, the water wastage is decreased, while the pressure remains intact.  The best thing is that you can install this system nice and easy and adjust its height and angle according to your needs.

A cycle of life

Reduce, recycle, and reuse philosophy is the essence of eco-friendly living. Among a myriad of sustainable products, a line of bio-resin furniture from Manufract stands out from the rest. The German company combined salvaged wood with bio-resins and managed to blend visual bliss with eco-friendly properties.

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The result is a sturdy piece that uses discarded wood, and shows off natural imperfections rather than hiding them. There are many other good examples such as employing fast-growing bamboo in the construction processes.

Green champions  

Sustainability is not a passing trend: It is here to transform the way we think, live, and do business.  We can now reduce energy consumption, shrink utility bills, and limit our environmental footprint. After all, we have the knowledge, resources, and technology to make it happen, and it seems that political will is the only missing ingredient to ensure the better tomorrow. That is why we are invited to become the green champions of our time and go an extra mile while others back out.

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