Teen Tech: Today’s Top Gear for Connected Young Consumers

Technology is everywhere in our lives, from our pockets, ears and to the cars we drive. To think that we wouldn’t have it imbued into our cars and part of the driving experience would be a foolish assumption. There are so many apps that direct us in traffic, get us where we need to go and play music. While you’re driving you need to keep safety in mind as well. Distracted driving can prove to be dangerous or fatal, which is why this select group of apps and advice will help connected young consumers.

Applications for the Drive

LifeSaver App

An aptly titled app for the young consumer is called LifeSaver. It is a free app and all Users have to do with the app is to download it. LifeSaver is an app that will run in the background of your phone. It uses GPS technology to lock the phone while the owner is driving in a moving car.

There is a passenger unlock system that teens can put on while they’re not driving. It is also great for parents to watch, as there are arrival features on the phone.  The app works for both Android and iOS.  A cell phone locking app has proven to be popular with kids and new drivers.

CellControl App

CellControl is another anti-texting application. It is a much more in depth system that costs a fee of $129 for only one time. It comes with a system to mount a DriveID device to your windshield that appears on the phone blocking all types of outward communication.

The app isn’t just an over glorified text blocker either. It provides driver performance data and location. These can help in any legal troubles should an accident arise. Any reputable car crash law firm comes to mind in the event of any personal injury for additional law assistance that can assist alongside an app like CellControl.

Less Restrictive Apps

For many of those getting older, but still identify as young consumers will want freer reign and control over their technology. The point being they still seek some of the features without all of the restrictions.  In this case an app like Safest Text Auto Reply can come in handy as it helps put down the phone during a drive. There is a do not disturb mode that can be triggered on at any moment, that will also send an automatic reply.

Sometimes the built in functions of phones aren’t enough to keep distractions at bay. With customizable messages, you’ll be able to let whoever is trying to contact you, know that you’re out busy doing something or driving.  This can also be great for kids in school who want their phones on them when their in class.

Satechi Universal Smartphone CD Slot Mount for iPhone or Android

Often times it is best if they have immediate access to their phone in the event of an emergency, while not distracting themselves at work in a learning environment. Overall, a lot of safety features for young consumers is set around halting distracted driving and keeping them safe.

Jasmine Reed works in the retail industry and is always looking out for what the next ‘big thing’ will be amongst tweens and teens. She contributes her insights to business, news and retail industry sites.

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