What Will the Future of Online Shopping Look Like?

If you’re reading this, you’ve almost certainly bought plenty of products online. We all have. But have you ever thought about what online shopping will be like in the future? It certainly won’t stay the same because where technology and the internet are concerned, things never stand still for very long. There are changes that are already visible on the horizon, and they could change things for all of us in the not so distant future.

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This is something that matters a lot right now because more people are turning away from regular forms of buying and relying on online retail more than ever. Any changes that occur going forward will impact us all. Whether those changes are for the better or worse will be up to you and your particular point of view. So read on and find out what the future holds for online shopping.

More Enjoyable Mobile Shopping Experiences

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It’s thought that the vast majority of online shopping is now carried out on smartphones. The fact that the mobile market is so big isn’t reflected by the standard of mobile shopping experiences were used to. They can often be incredibly disappointing and frustrating. It’s something that retailers will be looking to change as the shift towards mobile gathers pace. At this point in time, there’s simply no denying the fact that mobile is where the future is for most online shoppers.

Analytics That Measures User Behaviour

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Online retailers always want to know as much as humanly possible about the people that are using their website. They want to know how they’re using their site and what the site could be doing differently in order to enhance the experience and ultimately encourage more sales in the future. That’s where analytics will come in and measure user behaviour in real time. That data will then be fed back to managers and executives who you later implement changes based on findings.

Amazon Supremacy Probably Won’t Recede Anytime Soon

Right now, Amazon is the big beast in the world of online retail, and that’s something that’s not going to change anytime soon. What’s most interesting is that any changes that do occur in the industry will probably be introduced by Amazon before anyone else. Where they go, others follow. They’re already trialling new delivery methods. Amazon sellers can also make use of the platform as well, offering new options to consumers. Sites like show what the possibilities of Amazon are. We’ll be waiting a long time before we see a replacement for Amazon.

Augmented Reality

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People like the idea of being able to see what a particular product would look like in their home. That’s where augmented reality will play a large role in the years ahead. It will allow people to look through the camera on their phone at their home, but the product they’re thinking of buying will be added to the image they’re viewing. It should be a great way to get some context ahead of a big purchase so that buyers can always be sure that they’re spending on the right things.

Changeable Pricing

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In the past, we’ve known prices to be pretty much fixed, unless there is some kind of special sale or discount being applied by the retailer. However, we’re starting to see brands lower or raise prices very frequently depending on a variety of factors. If there is a sudden rise in popularity of a product, online retailers might raise the price in order to maximise profits. And we’ve seen prices being lowered if interest in a certain product is falling to materialise. It’s becoming more and more common.

Smart Appliances Shopping For You

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In some instances, you might find that you don’t even need to go through the process of buying things online. Smart home appliances will be able to do it for you in certain instances. For example, your smart fridge might notice that you’re low on milk and update your order with your regular retailer so that more can be delivered. It’s something that many tech industry insiders feel will be a real possibility in the not so distant future.

Virtual Assistants Will Become the Norm

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You might have already used a virtual assistant when you’ve visited an online store and tried to buy something. It’s a nice way in which you can get a little help if you need it. However, you’ve probably already run unto the limitations of these things. They’re essentially bots but a little more advanced. The problem is they’re nowhere near advanced enough yet, but that should change going forward. They will eventually become the norm as AI advances, and then they’ll actually be useful to us.

Curated Experiences

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It’s becoming more and more apparent that online shoppers want to have an experience that is catered to them in some way. We already have suggested items sections that offer a brief glimpse into what we might want to buy based on our past purchases and browsing history. This is something that’s likely to extend and improve in the years ahead of us. The entire online shopping experience will eventually be curated to suit us as individuals.

Fast and Dynamic Delivery

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The way in which we receive the products we buy online is likely to change. There are many different sources through which we can do this already. We can pick items up from designated locations or choose which every delivery company we want to use. However, instant delivery options are being trialled, and things like drones can be used to deliver products to homes. It’s still in its early stages but this is something we’re likely to see more of going forward.

Online shopping is only going to increase even more in popularity in the years ahead, so you can expect to start noticing all of the things mentioned above in the near future. It should make our lives easier and take away some of the problems and annoyances that still exist for online shoppers.

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