How To Make Sure Your Online Shop Delivers On Time

Online shopping has made us an impatient bunch. I’m constantly complaining that it’s already lunchtime and the parcel that I ordered last night isn’t here yet. Maybe not everybody is as impatient as me but speedy delivery is a massive concern for customers. If you’re running an online shop and people are waiting ages for a package, they aren’t going to go with you again, especially when you’re competing with the likes of Amazon who are offering same day delivery by drone in some places.

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You’re never going to get up to their level but you still have to make sure stuff is getting there quickly. If you’ve had a couple of complaints about slow delivery recently, here are a couple of ways to speed things along a bit.

Improved Software

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The guy that’s driving the truck shouldn’t get all the blame for late deliveries. He’s going to do it in the same time that he always does, give or take a few hours. The reason for late deliveries is usually inefficiency in the packaging and processing departments. If you’re doing everything manually, you’re just giving yourself more work than you need to be. Try using a logistics management system that can do a lot of the legwork for you and reduce the chance of any errors that are going to slow things down and make deliveries late.

Hire More Staff

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When you start out and you’re only shipping a couple of things at a time, it’s fine to just have one or two people dealing with it. But if you’ve grown quite a bit and you’ve got the same number of people trying to organize shipping for ten times the amount of parcels, you’re obviously going to get some mistakes. A lot of people sort of forget about this because they’re focusing on the rest of the company but it’s worth asking if the workload is too high and if it is, hire some more people to pick up the slack and get deliveries out a lot faster.

Change Delivery Service

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If you’re sure that you’re doing everything right on your end but people are still waiting ages for their delivery, then maybe the service you’re using just isn’t that good. You aren’t their priority and if they’ve got loads of other deliveries to do, they might be too slow. It’s worth seeing what else is on offer and trying somebody else out. You might be able to get it for a cheaper price as well which is an added bonus.

Outsource It

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If you’ve tried all that and you still can’t get it right, why not have somebody else do it? Outsourcing to a third party company to do all of your packing and deliveries is fairly common. They’re experts and they’ll probably be able to offer a better service than you can. Depending on how many products you’re selling, it might be cheaper as well.

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You’re never going to get your online shop off the ground if you can’t deliver products quickly, so if you’re struggling, follow these steps.

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