Struggling For a Book Idea? Write About Your Own Experiences

Writers love to write, whether that’s a review on something, a poem, or even a guide to your favorite game, but there will inevitably come a time when all they’ll see is a blank page due to lack of inspiration. What’s even more daunting is when you have the desire to write a book, but zero ideas to get you off the ground – after all, magical swords, cursed rings and wizarding schools have been done to death by now.

When it comes to writing, there is one thing that will always be in the back of your mind and can never be replicated by anyone else: your own life experiences and thoughts. From your earliest childhood memory to a great concert you saw last week, documenting what happened in your life with a book is a certain way to ensure your fingers never stop hitting the keyboard (or pen to paper if you’re old school). You could write these stories for an eBook or even consider a hard copy version, as it’s possible to print books with the likes of print24, for example.

Life, and Words, Find A Way

7 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Write Things Down

So often, we move through life and are always thinking about the present and the future, but what about what we’ve been through and how that’s shaped us? You may well find that when you actively write down your memories, you touch upon something that you never really considered before or didn’t understand the importance of until now. Also, it gets harder and harder to remember the past when we get older, so immortalizing moments of your life on a page is vital for you and anyone else who may have been involved during this memory.

Sometimes the truth is better than any fiction, and if anyone ends up reading your book, it could be that your childhood was incredibly funny compared to others, as these stories that you thought were normal, are actually hilarious when printed. The great thing about writing a book of your memories is that you don’t have to worry about plot, pacing, character development or dialogue… you simply write down what transpired. Whether or not the story is engaging isn’t of the highest concern, all that matters is that it’s your story and it really happened.

Feel The Memories – And Write Them Down!


More than anything, you’ll find that writing down thoughts and feelings from your past can help you move on mentally, particularly if the time was sad or traumatic. You write things that you may never speak out loud to anyone and you answer questions that have been rattling around in your head for many years. Expressing yourself via the written memories on the page is therapeutic and once done, you’ll feel lighter and more free. Who knows? Maybe your book will become an instant bestseller!

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