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Which Mario Kart Character is the Ultimate Best?

Mario Kart has been part of so many fond childhood memories for a generation. Today kids will buy the Nintendo Switch console and spend countless hours with their friends racing around cartoon tracks and tossing bananas. But which Mario Kart character is the best? Is it Yoshi or Bowser? Todette, Shy Guy, or the Koopa Troopa?

A Nintendo Classic

The complete history of Mario Kart

Mario Kart has been a family favorite for years. Mario Kart Tour remains one of the most popular upcoming games of 2019. The next planned game for Mario Kart will be the mobile smartphone game Mario Kart Tour. The new game is set to come out by April. Mario Kart Tour will start some of your favorite characters and karts.

Many Characters, Many Parameters

One of the first problems when figuring out which character is the best involves all the different characteristics of the carts and the characters. The game has a couple of dozen characters. For example, heavier characters achieve a higher degree of acceleration than lighter characters. They have good speed and poor acceleration. Lighter characters move faster but never race as fast as their heavier counterparts.

Additionally, each character performs differently depending on which cart and/or tire configuration it has. When looking for the best character, you also need to take these into account. With seven classes of characters and different attributes, it can be difficult to figure out which character is the best.

Kart and Tire

Which cart and tire are best? The Biddybuggy has the fastest acceleration but lower speeds than the Badwagon, Standard Kart, Sports Bike, and Pipe Frame. The Gold Standard has the highest speeds but has difficulty with traction. Out of the tire combinations, the Monster Tire has the best traction. The Slick Tire has the fasted speeds but get ready to run off the road. The Slick Tire has the lowest traction of all of the tires.

The Best Mario Kart Characters

When racing, heavier characters have a distinct advantage because they reach higher levels of speed. The best characters are Donkey Kong and Wario. Each of these can be combined with options like the Biddybuggy and Roller or Slick Wheels for winning combinations. The Sports Bike also has some advantages when coupled with Roller Wheels.

The Best Mario Kart

Overall the Biddybuggy has the highest chance of winning. While the cart has a slower speed, its acceleration and handling is superior, making the Biddybuggy a winning combination. Pair a Biddybuggy with Roller Tires to make a winner. If you want to know which cart never to use, avoid the Badwagon at all costs.

Other Combinations

If you get tired of racing with Donkey Kong and Wario for the win, you can try a few other characters with the Biddybuggy cart. Baby Mario, Toad, and Peach all do surprisingly well with the Biddybuggy. Have fun mixing and matching these combinations for the ultimate Mario Kart win!

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