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Hostinger Business Hosting Review – Features and Pricing

Are you looking for a secure, fast and reliable web hosting solution? Is your website has outgrown shared hosting environment? If the answer to these two questions is ‘Yes’, you definitely need a hosting upgrade for your growing website.

Nowadays, most businesses that need more advanced hosting solutions are switching to business hosting for the reasons it is affordable and easy to use in comparison to VPS and dedicated hosting.

Business hosting offers dedicated resources like dedicated RAM, disk space, and CPU so that even a high traffic site can be easily managed. If you are looking for an ideal middle solution between shared and VPS hosting, business hosting is a solution you need.

In today’s post, we will review business hosting service, offered by a popular provider called Hostinger. Since the company claims to offers quality services at affordable price, many people are showing interest in it.

In this review, we will take a look at their services, features, pricing and will try to know whether the provider is actually offering quality service at a cheap price or it is just a marketing strategy to attract people. Before diving into their services, let’s take a look at company’s background.

Hostinger Introduction

Hostinger is not new in the industry. When we researched about their background, we came to know that the company has been offering hosting services since 2004. Headquartered in Lithuania, Hostinger has offices and data centers at multiple locations. At present, they have local services in 39 countries, offering VPS, Shared and Business hosting solutions. In addition to Hostinger, they are running two more hosting services under the names i.e. Hosting24 and 000webhost. At present, Hostinger is accommodating approximately 29 million customers in 179 countries. On an average, the company is receiving 15K new sign-ups every day – that is one new client every 5 seconds.

Hostinger Business Hosting

Business hosting offered by Hostinger provides a perfect environment for a high-end traffic site. Whether you are planning to host an online store or a high-database website, resources provided by Hostinger would be sufficient to run them smoothly. All their business hosting plans are powered by dedicated bandwidth, RAM and disk space. Let’s take a look at plans.

The company comes with 3 plans and all are protected by 30-days money-back guarantee. In case, you don’t get satisfied with their hosting services within this time period, you can ask for a refund. Their money-back guarantee simply shows that the company is confident about the services they offer.


Business StartUP

So, people of every budget could buy their business hosting services, the company offers 3 different plans under their business hosting service. Business StartUP is their basic plan, which costs $15.90 for a month. It comes with the 40 GB of disk space, 3 GB of RAM and 2 CPU Cores. If you are running a growing website that has just surpassed the shared hosting service, this basic plan is a right choice for you.

Business Professional

Business Professional plan has been designed to cater the needs of a high-traffic eCommerce sites that’s why it comes with the 2X speed boost. This plan charges $31.80 for a month and offers features like 80 GB disk space, 6GB RAM, and 4 CPU Cores. Speaking of price, you will have to pay the amount $31.80 monthly.

Business Enterprise

This is the most premium business hosting plan offered by the company costs $71.55 for a month. It supports 3X speed boost, advanced resources, and high PHP memory limit. With this plan, you get 160 GB disk space, 12 GB RAM, and 6 CPU Cores. This plan best suits the requirements of a high traffic and heavy database website.

Common Features that You Get With Every Plan

Regardless of plans you choose, there are few features that you get with their every plan.

Uptime Monitoring

Hostinger lets you monitor the uptime of your site. You can keep track of your website’s uptime 24 hours, all 7 days of the week.

Cache Manager

The company also supports a built-in cache manager. Whenever a user re-visits a website that is already stored in the cache manager memory that web page or website loads in no second without sending any further request to a server. Thus cache manager improves performance by retrieving a cache instantly.

One-Click Installer

In order to make installing popular scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. easy for users, the provider supports a one-click installer on their control panel. In addition to scripts, this easy to use tool lets you install and deploy different frameworks with minimum effort.

Daily Backup

Your website can be subject to various lethal attacks such as Malware, Trojan, etc. As a result, it is important to have a data backup solution.

Luckily, all the plans of Hostinger business hosting support an automated backup system. It means you will be getting protection for your website’s data without any legwork on your part. Their advanced data backup system ensures that all your files will be safe and sound.

Free SSL Certificate

It would not be wrong to say, SSL certificate is a spine of our secure internet. It keeps our sensitive information protected over the internet. If you are running a website that handles sensitive information of customers such as personal data, credit card details, etc. It is necessary that you get an SSL certificate. Hostinger offers free SSL certificates with all their business hosting plans.

Why You Should Go For Hostinger Business Hosting

Hostinger Business hosting is not only powerful but also easy to use. They offer enough resources to get you going as their servers operate on isolated virtual instances. The provider offers you a complete control of all resources and limits.

Automated backups, customized control panel, and instant server setup are few features that set Hostinger apart from the competitor. If you are still not sure about their service, we would advise you to pick their basic business plan. Since all plans are protected by 30-days money back guarantee you need not worry about losing money.

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