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Health and Safety Apps Every Student Requires

While in school, every student has that one goal; to attain better grades and graduate. To achieve all these plus other requirements, the safety measures of the student should be a priority. After all, you can’t reach your objectives when sick or have some health issues. Services like can help you to deal with homework when you can focus on your health. Meanwhile, the doctors are there to offer the best advice, but you also take precautions and use the following apps to stay on the safe side. 

General health apps 

Keep your health in check with the following apps:

  • Sleep Time

Some students have a hard time waking up in the morning. If you fall under this category, then the sleep time app is ideal for you. The application analyzes your sleep pattern and set the best time to wake you up. The sleep time app’s unique feature is that you can select the best song you love to wake you up.


If you are on any given medication, the app helps you find the drugs’ information. If you have questions, you can ask and get answers. However, you can as well go through the existing questions which have solutions. This can be helpful if you have signed up for HIPAA compliant text messages through Curogram and your doctor sends you a text with new prescription information – you can look it up instantly if you have questions about it.

  • AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker 

Suppose you take alcohol, then install this app for all the guidance. The app tracks your consumption patterns, evaluate alcohol content in your blood, and give you an overall analysis of your drinking habits. If you want to minimize spending on drinks, then have this app track your spending habits on drinks. 

  • Glow

For female students, the Glow app is a must-have. The app helps a woman track the ovulation and menstrual cycle. So, you will always stay prepared for that period of the month. What makes Glow app unique from other applications is that you can ask questions and get answers. Apart from tracking the ovulation and menstrual cycle, the app also reminds women to keep track of contraception methods, like pills. 

Student safety apps 

Taking safety precautions while in school is a must step. You want to study in an environment you feel secured. Use the following apps for safety purposes:

  • bSafe

When you are in danger, the bSafe app enables you to set off an SOS alarm. From there, you share your location then seek help from a friend. Also, the app can help you set up a fake phone call t get you out of a tricky situation. 

  • My Safetipin

When you go to study in an unfamiliar environment, you have that inner fear. You do not know the safe places and dangerous places. When you are studying in another country, you need the My Safetipin app when in such a situation. The app notifies you if you are in a dangerous place or unsafe area. At this point, you don’t have to panic because the app offers alternative routes that are safe for you.


When you get to school, the main objective is to study and attain food grades. However, that is not all. While in school, the students need to ensure they are safe and healthy to pursue education smoothly. Technology trends have simplified everything. With the above apps and many more, you don’t have to worry about your health and safety while in school.

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